Your Go-To Guide For A Casual Shirt

“From 9 to 5 I am one person, I decide who I am, after the deadline expires.” Do not waste your time thinking about who this quotation belongs to. Maybe no one has said it before, but that’s what’s on our minds, right?

Let’s face reality with pride: We play two different roles (sometimes more) but we will stick to the two main roles: the man at work and the man after that and yes every man should have a wardrobe that fits each of the two. Just imagine the absurdity of wearing your casual shirts in this complex corporate world atmosphere or a formal shirt when men are out? Yes, it will be the audience’s talk, not the best way.

Now if you have worn your work clothes and worked to ignore the other side of your wardrobe, then friends need to take it out and refresh your wardrobe before it’s too late!

Gentlemen, let us share with you the latest trends in casual shirts before embarking on a search for the best casual shirts in men’s fashion. The year has just begun and we all know what that means: let’s refresh your memory. There will be a new set of invitations for parties, dinners, lunches and hangings that will wait for the answer, yes or no, so do not restrict where or where you do not go just because you lack the right equipment brothers. Don’t make this mistake in giving up your social obligations or your social life for this only because you get a minimum of regular shirts. As usual, man’s thoughts have covered you.

Check out what you’ll need in your wardrobe after work this year to catch you in the ultimate killer everywhere:

Casual shirts and Formal shirts: knowing the difference


First thing first: Let’s get the basics right. Don’t confuse your 9 to 5 shirts with shirts and shirts and this ruling requires some knowledge.

Although you can’t go without wearing your shirt to work, casual shirts aren’t made for this kind of extra sophistication, so don’t make this futile attempt to make an informal shirt work like a formal shirt.
Prints the matter! They are the determining factor mostly between casual shirt and formal wear. The shirt / formal shirt is often casual, while casual shirts have more fun prints like floral patterns or abstract designs plus checks and are often more lively in comparison, although of course there is no objection to lighter tones in casual clothes . Suit you!
Formal pants and shirts have an eternal bond, but regular shirts do not match the former. A pair of colored denim jeans and casual shirts is a match made in the fashion world.
Where do children wear them? When you’re in a flaming party in winter, where you can pull a jacket over your casual shirt or if taking someone special to eat on the weekend menu, you can always look hot and free of gains simultaneously in an informal shirt on a pair of colored denim And maybe a jacket if it’s cold.

Wait, it’s not over! Even casual shirts have a family tree to see. Open front shirts are of course a forever trend in casual fashion and most are half sleeve or folded sleeves. So I get open shirt designs at Ideas Man in many colors and prints. Next is the denim shirts that we are sure every man may approve of are men’s fashion. Yes, we did not forget to tackle the problem of dressing to find the best casual shirts for men. Here at Ideas Man!

Polo shirt: a man’s “forever”


They say that women can’t get much shoes? Well guess what? A man may have a cupboard immersed in polo shirts and still not satisfied because the moment he sets his eyes on a different one, he will make sure there is room for another one in the wardrobe.

Well, we’ll just skip the exciting description and not sneak into anyone. To put it in short, polo shirts are a staple of casual wardrobe, something that takes you to almost any semi-formal / casual event so you don’t go out as a fashion tragedy.

Just to fill you guys in tiny polo shirts as the name implies, they originated from polo and became popular in the nineteenth century. During the latter part of the twentieth century, the polo shirt became the standard outfit for golfers.

Polo shirts feature a black collar and neckline with two or three buttons at the front and sometimes a pocket too, polo shirts are the favorite man, even for work when you don’t need to meet the big guy (CEO), the X factor that adds to the diversity of these shirts.

Going to a family lunch on Sunday or going out to reunite with college kids, make sure you can even wear a polo shirt on an informal lunch with your important partner, just remember to choose well (the polo we mean). Just pair this short shirt with the right jeans and foil, you’re all right!

Take your word for it, don’t forget to check the sheer variety of polo shirts at Ideas Man. From swiping to soft colors and great design, all in one place.

Tees: the comfort zone

We saved the best for the last shirts, although the t-shirts are not so versatile as polo shirts or casual / semi-formal clothes, they are the head of the regular family. Goodbye collars! The t-shirts are usually round or V-shaped, sometimes they have a button or two above the neckline, and they boast to the man forever!

For any body type, lean or fat, the shirts have no favoritism. Once you get back from saying yes all day to the boss or even if you are the boss yourself, all you have to do is lay these layouts aside and pull the tee and boy you will feel free! Wear a jacket when you go out in the winter but when it’s time to beat the heat, there’s no comparison between a pair of shorts and shirts!