Why Cambric Is The Best Fabric For Summer?


With mid-summer celebrations being launched every day, there is an atmosphere of excitement and enthusiasm all around us. Positive feelings are already beginning to appear, rejoicing and happiness are two types of moods that can be easily found in the air. Since everyone is ready to celebrate the summer in complete spirit, there is one thing that the festivities are incomplete without; your ideal clothes in the middle of summer.

Your wardrobe is one thing that should be completely ready for many upcoming parties. And imagine what? You don’t need to worry about that anymore because Gul Ahmed has covered you! Country’s favorite brand brings you the all-new Cambric Collection “19. Trust me ladies, you are the best.”

The Cambric ’19 collection is a blend of cameraman loose-fitting suits made with premium fabric and aesthetic designs that make you feel like the true singer you’re on. The collection will enhance your wardrobe in lush fabric, such as luxurious embroidered chiffon and chiffon neon. Not only that, this year’s designs feature the finest shapes and paintings that print mosaics ranging from flowers to geometric, in rich colors of red, blue, purple and green mint.

Before I take you on a virtual tour of the new set, let’s first understand what the Cambrian fabric actually is.

What is cambric fabric?

It originated from the land of the French, is a unique fabric, which differs from other materials. First of all, it is lightweight and woven cotton fabric. It has various fabrics of twisted, short, or cotton fabrics. These fibers are raw, neither dyed nor bleached. Fabric is the true reason behind the fabric’s charm, giving it a tight, firm and shiny look. This contributes to giving the fabric a smooth, smooth look from a distance. Thus, the Cambrian is an excellent fabric for any type of embroidery and manual work. All of these reasons make Cambric a popular textile choice for different garments.

Best time to wear cambric suits

Fashion changes according to seasons. Midsummer and fashion produce only one product. Cambrian. The mix of cambric, with beautiful and vibrant colors, floral designs and intricate embroidery, is the “thing” for this season. Gul Ahmed’s embroidered suits will keep you light throughout the hot summer, without compromising the fashion quotient. Coupled with premium fabrics, the Cambric Collection promises you vibrant shades that add seasonality to you and you’ll be sparkling wherever you go! Wait for the best part. With Gul Ahmed, season trends will ensure all your cool, elegant looks are on the verge!

Is cambric good for summer?

Cambric fabric is perfect for summer only, which is why it is the most popular fabric during mid-summer. The reasons are clear. First, its soft and elegant texture is an example of luxury and elegance. Moreover, wearing cambric is easy, so you finally got your wings to fly with this season. Fly elegantly, actually. Because, the 19th Cambric Collection by Gul Ahmed is a collection of beautiful and amazing prints. The exciting color palette, great handwork, and floral prints let you accentuate your look. Oh, also, with our camper fabric not sewn, you can tailor your dresses according to the latest styles, without compromising comfort.

Is cambric good for winters?

As the last days of mid-summer approach, the cold winds begin to blow, indicating the arrival of winter. Winter fashion is a whole new world. However, you can trust the camera for comfort and ease in your life. Cambrian fabric can be used as it contains thicker material during mild winters. Like those in Karachi. They are thick enough to wear during the first days of winter. With the new Cambric collection from Gul Ahmed, you will definitely take your delightful mid-summer ambience into a dark winter and light up the atmosphere with your surreal and modern presence.

Cambric versus Lawn

Cambric is a medium weight texture while the grass is lighter. The grass is softer and relatively thinner than the Cambrian, which makes the Cambrian a better choice for the autumn season. For our hot summer, turf is the perfect choice for any given day. However, when talking about pleasant summer days when the air is warm and cold, cambric is the companion you need in your life! Its smooth and soft texture will ensure a healthy look and ease. Therefore, most people prefer to celebrate their midsummer parties in the cambered suit not sewn by Gul Ahmed.


Embroidered Cambric

Soft hues, floral prints and subtle embellishments. This three-piece unstitched cambric suit is delightful to the eyes.

An epitome of opulence and grace, this two-piece unstitched embroidered cambric suit is going to give you all the midsummer vibes. Featuring the serenity of the blues and the sophistication of the whites, you can’t let this one go!

For the girl on the go, this one-piece unstitched cambric suit is just perfect. It is equipped with premium fabric all the while exuding a peppy and fun vibe


Printed Cambric

Is your wardrobe complete even without a black suit in it? no not like that. Black is the key to the wardrobe. For mid-summer, black, complemented by bright hues, is essential.

Enjoy the positivity of the season in bright and vibrant shades. This yellow, two-piece, camouflaged camouflage suit perfectly shows the summer’s sparkle and charm.

Enjoy this season of beautiful sunrise with beautiful smiles and chic outfits like this one-piece cambrian suit not sewn here. It’s elegant and great!