Whats in the Store: Ideas Pert Hits All the Rights Notes With There New Collection

This season’s New Ideas presents a new set of Solid’s just in time for the feast! Celebrating the subtle pastel colors with splashes of fun summer color – ideal for cooling and improving your style during the hot summer months, Ideas Pret definitely turns things up a bit with this collection. Whether you’re looking to soften your everyday look or wear it while wearing comfortable clothes, this range is perfect for you!

Inspired by oriental ideas and decorations, this collection contains a mixture of embroideries and details. The unique design and the breezy parts add special appeal to the collection, making it suitable for summer. Starting from Rs 2690, this set of korta is affordable and reaches all the right ringtones for the festive season; put it on the top of our summer hello list! Scroll down and look at a list we should have from the set: