Gul Ahmed shouted in mid-summer this year, and launched his all-new Bagh-e-Gul Cambric collection. A collection of illuminated colors and artistic designs, the collection really helps one enjoy the midsummer feelings. Enough with the words, here, I’m going to take you on a tour through an entirely new set. Fasten your belts, ladies!

Little Miss Sunshine Shirt Style

For the sunlight you bring to the life of those close to you, you deserve the best. Here, we are talking about a little bit of sunshine that is always cheerful and happy. This shirt was designed by Gul Ahmed for you. Its exciting colors and intricate floral motifs will set you apart. When wearing these clothes, you are definitely pulsating with energy wherever you go!

Rock your blues Shirt Style

Oh no! Monday is here again. And also the depression you bring with it. However, this time it will not allow you to reach you. Because this time, you have a shield on you. It is a great one-piece shirt from Gul Ahmed. This vibrant mid-summer shirt and blossoming season flowers will definitely put you in the best spirits! Ladies, your Mondays will improve.

Easy n’ breezy Shirt Style

This season revolves around cold breezes, naked beach walks and a feeling of freedom. All of these activities invite you to wear refreshing colors, just like these here. A comfortable blend of white and blue, complemented by an aesthetic floral print, this shirt is all very stylish and elegant.

Slay your summer fashion Shirt Style

If you are looking to easily kill your look this season, here are the perfect clothes you can do. This unstitched green T-shirt from Gul Ahmed’s Bagh-e-Gul collection brings all the mid-summer sentiments in the air. Which means a lot of fun, enthusiasm and a lot of fashion for others! You are definitely stepping up to the fashion game this season, dear.

The season’s à la mode Shirt Style

A fan of bold colors and strong prints? Welcome to the club. With a similar idol, I always look for a group that speaks for itself. And this pink and black color does just that. Enjoying the flower print glory and trendy color palette, you are definitely warming up this season. High pony tails, dazzling accessories and vibrant prints, this mid-summer is fashionable!

Pastel Aesthetics  Shirt Style

Indulge in the magic of pastels this season. Soft colors have a sun-like atmosphere in summer. This white and red shirt is proof of that. Just like the summer sky, the shirt has a welcoming and family feel. Trust me, your wardrobe hurts for something like this.

Summertime Celebrations Shirt Style

Summer is an invitation to celebrate and many parties. Summer must be spent with an explosion, be it through barbecues, beach parties, or even dinner and buffets that come out of it. The season is no less than appropriate. Thus, your wardrobe should be full of punchy pieces that will help you create an impression wherever you go. This black shirt from Gul Ahmed perfectly suits the mood! She is lusty, fun and daring – the best for the master lady you’re on!