Wedding Wear Look– Style Tips- Bridesmaid Dresses


Bridesmaid dresses, the only thing that matches the charm of the bride and her attractiveness Are we girls? Every bride who wants to look charming on her own days, the bridal team should also stand out during Bffs wedding. We decided to make a wedding book to get indian outfit ideas for all jobs.

Ideas for Bridesmaid Dresses

Weddings are one of the most inspiring weddings in the world. The culture is so rich and beautiful that everyone loves it all over the world. On this blog, you can expect more ideas for inspiration. Today we have collected some favorite ideas of bride dresses.

1) Contrast Bridesmaid Dresses

Not everyone interprets color the same way. You may be best friends and have different styles. If you’re not interested in matching outfits, give bridesmaids the freedom to choose what they like while keeping one item in common.

For example: In the photo, above all bridesmaids, the saris are in red, and there are golden embroidered saris that match the bride’s clothes.

In the image above, bridesmaids choose their blouse color to match the bridal dress, matching elements here are bridesmaids blouses.

In the above image, bridesmaids have made sarees in the same design and color but completely contrast to the bride and they select matching elements as a lace attached to the bride’s lehenga in the hem area and the umbrella in pink color. The color combination of bridesmaids and bride is too beautiful, we can not take our eyes off.

2) Same Colour Bridesmaid Dresses Different Styles

If you want everyone’s outfits to look largely the same, pick a single shade and stick with it. You can choose a common color palette, a similar print / embroidery or a similar bridesmaid outfit style, it makes it easier for everyone and it looks blusher or shy. In the picture above, the bridesmaid dress color and the bride dress color are the same, but they all have different design dresses.

3) Same Color Family, Similar Styles

Having all the bridesmaid dresses in the same dress but a different shade is something you love and look more, it is a beautiful appearance and your ladies will love the idea of getting their own color! Whatever color you think of your girls, split it into a different shade for each of them.

Choose bridesmaid dresses to match your bridal outfit. Choose a color from the bride outfit and use its family color as inspiration for bridesmaids’ outfits. Have you seen the image above how bridesmaids choose color from the bride and use family color in their saree? That’s the kind of supplement I’m talking about!

4) Colour Blocking

The use of color blocking has become a popular trend in the fashion world. Although everyone likes to play with these looks in the closet, it is not often seen in wedding clothes. Do you love this style? If so, why not include it in your bridesmaid dresses? With this style, you can bring your personal style and color palette for your wedding into your wedding and distinguish it from tradition.