Wedding Lehenga Choli Designs for the Indian Brides

Indian girls love to wear lehengas for any occasion. It is available in a modern and traditional look. From traditional embroidery, floral work, beadwork, and mirror work to elegance such as sequins, prints, and shiny lehengas are available on the market. On this blog you can read all about Lehenga Choli wedding designs.

Lehenga choli urban women wear only for special occasions. Women from Gujarat and Rajasthan countryside still wear these clothes as their daily outfit. Gagra Choli is usually made of cotton material. This makes them comfortable in extremely hot desert conditions. Their lehengas are made in colorful designs. They use bandhej, mirror works, patchwork to decorate lehengas. And urban women only wear Goli Chole or Chania Chole during the Djerba festivals.

Young girls from South India wear a version of lehenga choli called “pattu pavada”. They are usually made from cotton silk, cotton or rayon. These lehenga choli clothes have fallen off. Pattu pavadu is used during the special South Indian festivals.

The wedding season is coming. Everyone goes to wedding clothes that shop online or offline. Buy some cool wedding collections for everyone from  On this blog we will talk about lehengas. Girls can design lehengas in many ways. Make sure to wear lehengas only depending on your body type. But for this you need to know what types of lehengas designs exist, which will never go out of fashion.

Types of Indian Wedding Lehenga Choli Designs 

A-line lehenga choli style

As the name implies, all bursts come together at the rim to represent the letter A. This Lehenga A-cut is an ideal hourglass body type or pear-shaped girls. It helps to highlight your upper and lower body to show the appearance of the singer.

They are generally made from brocade, velvet, georgette, silk, chiffon fabrics. Indeed, it is especially popular among celebrities



Sharara Style Lehenga choli

Inspired by Islamic culture, style or sparkling Lingas are popular. Winding girls especially prefer these lehenga styles because they completely hide their curves. A spark made of heavy fabric with heavy flares and a separator between them. Many Muslim girls wear a style for their wedding. Today, stylists have had many experiments with Sharara styles. It is easy to wear a loose spark fitted with a long piece of lightweight fabric. Most women prefer this style on different festive occasions.

Anarkali paired with lehenga

This appearance is derived from the era of the Mongols. The Mughals are said to wear fully covered anarkali with heavy skirts and veils to follow ancient customs. But today many designers present a mixture of anarkali with lehenga in terms of royal appearance. Whether anarkali short, low anarkali or pure anarkali gives the best combination. Try pairing anarkali from a pure cut fabric to the board with a linga for a stunning look.

Jackets styled with Lehenga

The new fashion item in Dupatta Less Lehenga is this lehenga jacket-like. Every woman affects her during the wedding season. Girls who love to wear a statement can pair a heavily decorated jacket with a wide skirt. Be creative with rich and elegant jackets. Keep lehengas in a minimum of work and limits. This style is suitable for every type of body. The jacket is perfect for hiding all flaws from skinny to fat.

Lehenga style saree

In this style of wear, Lehenga gives an illusion of saree. This is due to the twisting dopata. This is a trend only due to the hassle free wear of saree. Sewn lehenga stitched in advance is available today. Or you can wear a-line lehenga and bend a dopa like saree pallu to get the desired effect. Avoid this pattern if your height is short or else it will suit everyone.

Paneled Lehenga (Kalidar Lehenga)

Panel skirt or caldar means the number of panels attached to make one skirt. The maximum number of panels that obtain the maximum glow. The panels are used to give a huge glowing look, as well as contrasting patterns for a modern look. For a great look, try kalidar lehenga made with brocade silk, georgette or mesh. Little hourglass girls can try this technique

Mermaid Lehenga Choli

Many girls know lingas from mermaids or fish tails. Mermaid Lehenga is perfect for girls or women who want to show off their curves in style. Combine a short crop or halter top with lehenga fishtail and a minimum of jewels for a stunning look.

Mermaid mounts well fit around the hips, but glows under the knees. Best suited for a sports body. Also, wear a corset on your lower body before wearing this style of lehenga.

Flared lehenga Skirt

These are great blows between girls at a new age. Girls usually prefer flaming lehengas so they can give a perfect touch. This lehenga is usually made of lightweight fabrics such as net, crepe, georgette, organza and organza silk. To make it heavy, you can either embroider it or attach a border to it. Combine it with the Collie crop. Glowing skirt is perfect for apple, pear and sandy body types. It’s a great choice for sangeet or mehendi party while taking the best photos.

 Wedding Trail Lehenga’s

These lehengas were inspired by christian lehenga dresses. A complete silhouette gives the bride a princess-like feel. The lehengas trail is in great direction these days as many designers have removed the lehenga trail group. Wedding dresses will get bigger in the coming years. For this way, lehengas could be the best inspiration for brides.