Types of fashionable COVID masks

Fashionable COVID masks are in high demand these days. If everyone is fighting the Covid – 19 pandemic, we need to protect ourselves and others by wearing COVID masks as well. Some countries around the world begin to slowly reopen after a long period of blockage due to Coronavirus.

For this, we must still remind everyone to follow the safety guidelines. And one of the easiest ways to protect ourselves is to wear a face mask. COVID-19 masks are very essential nowadays, it has been recommended that COVID masks be used outdoors to slow down the spread of the coronavirus.

Basically these COVID masks are medically tested,

Surgical mask
N95 and FFP1 mask
Activated carbon mask
Cloth mask

But sometimes essential garments or accessories become style statements like trench coats. Initially, they were created to protect soldiers from the elements but, over time, it becomes the most modern style. As we all know, the face mask is one of the most distinctive utility items for the coming days.

These are some of the most modern patterns and designs of COVID masks, which can bring a little bit of sunshine during one of the most difficult times we’ve ever seen.

The elegant COVID masks are in fashion
Printed mask (aragovic)
Selfie COVID Mask
Designer mask
COVID Ninja Mask
Silky face mask
Padded COVID mask
Embroidered mask
Mask scarf

Stylish COVID masks are in trend

  • Printed Mask (aragovic)


      The fashion designer Zoran Aragovic believes the best way to fight against coronavirus is to be positive and cheerful. These cotton masks are inspired by the Disney characters, Comics and Pop artsAragovic’s masks are eye-catching and comfortable as it is of cotton fabric. And thus, it has not put off buyers. Also, various kinds of printed masks are in demand these days. 

  • Selfie COVID Mask

  The best thing about the COVID MASK is that it saves our lives from the CORONA virus but the worst thing is we can’t see the smile underneath the mask. The Selfie mask solves this problem by taking your smile from behind the mask to the fore. for face detection, it is useful as expertise says.  it is the mask just like your face if it is printed customize. It is an innovative idea and everyone likes this for sure. 

  • Designer Mask

Many of the fashion brands pivoting to make stylish COVID MASKS. And the most interesting thing about these masks is, it will be seriously fancy protection for your wedding or some special occasions where you can opt for it as a new accessory. Designer COVID masks are really flaunted to the occasion. Also, you can customize this mask according to your heavy outfits. Even some brides customize the bead or embroidery work on the mask according to the dress. These masks are made with Sequence, Lace, Net, Crepe fabrics, or some minimal Embroidery.  

  • Ninja COVID Mask

Ninja masks are not only giving protection against the virus but also the heat, cold, and dust. The most important thing about this mask is it covers a whole face except the eye area. Also, it is a favorite for youngsters. These days, ninja COVID masks are available with the carbon filters also for more protection. Also, they are washable and stretchable. Young boys generally prefer these masks to maintain their swag while Biking. Secondly, Ninja masks are available in every size. And thus, Kids can’t have a better substitute than the Ninja mask.

  • Silky Mask

For the silk fabric lovers, here is one more accessory of silk to look elegant and stylish. The silky mask is not only Protective but Washable and Sustainable too. Thus, it has the potential to prevent airborne particles. Moreover, silky masks are available in every color so that you can match them with your outfits. Again who wants some subtle look with the apparel then it will be the best option. 

  •  Quilted COVID Mask

Quilted masks are the most popular nowadays. Because they designed with three to four separate layers, which fights the protection and comfort when used correctly. Quilted masks are designed with a nose wire to contour to your face for a comfortable fit. Besides, the elastic ear bands are adjustable too. Also, Quilted masks are available in prints that enhance the beauty of the mask.

  • Embroidered Mask 


The facial coverings are practical ways to stem from the spread of the CORONA virusbut they also reflect our personalities and outlook on life. As hand Embroideries are so attractive, designers put their innovative ideas of embroideries on the masks. Kasab’s work, Kacchi work, Phulkari work, Kantha work, and Kashmiri work look so elegant on the mask. When it is the necessity to wear the mask, why don’t we wear such an embellished mask? 

  • DIY COVID Mask

Recently I went to the pharmacy to buy a proactive mask but had to return with an empty hand. Because there is a big demand for masks all over the country but there is not much production or supply. And thus, it creates the scarcity of the essential COVID mask. As the demand for a commercial face mask is quite high, you can easily prepare it at home with the help of Cotton, Fabric, Hand/Sew machineAlso, you can paint it. Even there are viral on the media. 

  • Scarf Face Mask

From a few years ago, there is a tremendous trend in fashion is to wear a scarf and it still in demand. In this pandemic situationit may irritate to wear both scarves and mask for women. And so, the mixture of scarf and mask comes to the market. For stylish women, it is a great substitute for masks while they left the home. Such a girly scarf mask should be an addon accessory in your closet.