Types of Casual Saree Trends to for Office Wear


When we talk about saris, it’s a style that women love to carry to wear office too. So here are some unofficial saree styles that you must buy to wear the office. There are different ways you can design it also from mixing and matching with higher wear patterns to different roll patterns and matching the right accessories for your workwear saree.

We will not talk about the trends of the cotton sari and the directions of the regular linen sari, which were already discussed in the previous blog post on how to design cotton and linen sari for work clothes.

The Kalamkari Saree

These are some saris that have traditional Indian art such as makkari with various forms of embroidery or special prints on cotton. They can be in floral patterns, animals, birds, or a face shape.

The Floral Digital Print Saree

This sari is still heading alongside the summer and spring group. They can be in pure crepe, georgette, cotton prints on raw silk or silky sari in floral digital prints.

The Sambalpuri Sarees

This is a traditional woven sari for Odisha, and is a classic of its intricate weaving designs and its primary colors are black, maroon, white, or red.

Embroidered Linen Sarees

The main linen of linen in the fabric is very popular and is heading to a high height, adding more costumes will upgrade the fashion. It can be on pallu or all around in small repetitive concepts.

Indian craftsmanship embroidered Sarees

Traditional embroidery from India such as Folkari, Kanta or Kashmiri embroideries are classic charm and are very elegant on a sari with different borders or concepts.