Trending Styles of Lehenga Choli Designs for Wedding & Party wear

The new styles of lehenga choli designs focus more on textile patterns and pattern pieces rather than embroideries. The decorative lehenga choli comes with a designer wear concept that focuses on placement details. Some of the more common styles of lehengas are in silk fabric and folded versions of lehengas.

 Statement Embellished Lehenga Choli Designs

  • The styles are so simple yet eclectic and gives out a spark once the patterns are very simple but selective and give a spark as soon as the design is ready to wear.
  • Gold metal engravings in figurative motifs are very popular in fashion.
    Fabric skirts or upholstery from motifs and detail motifs scattered throughout the metallic effect have the highest demands. Design is ready be worn.
  • the gold embossed metallic embellishments in figure motifs are highly trending in fashion.
    Fabric skirts or lehengas of scuba and embellished detail motifs scattered all over in metallic effect have the highest demands.

 The crop Top Lehenga Designs for Sangeet / Party

  • These styles still exist and have gotten very high trend for all kinds of occasions from Sangeet to parties that women like to wear in the latest collection of lehenga crops.
  • Patterns of silk brocade and regular crop top or embroidered look in plain silk with the same appearance from the top of the crops is the new look of wedding dresses.
  • The silk, embroidered and velvet lehengas plants are simply worth trying and can be mixed and matched with different patterns to get a fresh new look every time.

 Indo Fusion Lehenga Choli Designs for Reception

  • The new look of styling peplum tops, off shoulder wrapped around cholis, long sleeves choli and also other different styles which can be paired up with lehengas and dupatta to get up a new look are perfect for all kinds of occasions.
  • Fabrics like sequin net lehenga, jamawar brocade lehenga or banarasi lehenga and also the plain silk lehengas with the right amount of gold work is your best option to look modern in lehenga choli styles.


3 Piece Lehenga Choli Designs for Wedding Wear

  • The new look of Indian Western styles also includes a 3-piece look that includes a simple sober style lehenga with a loud style top and long blouse of blazer or short jacket style over choli and short skirt.
    Cotton and silk are highly oriented in these types of patterns.
  • Women who have the problem of wearing a sleeveless sleeveless or shore shoelaces can discover this look for the best look and comfort.

Solid Color Embroidered Lehenga Choli Design 

  • The latest fashions from Sabyasachi lehengas with intricate embroideries of the same color to give a stylish, durable look.
  • Embroidery with black threads on a black mesh of linga and dupata or a red thread of embroidery on a network of red linga and red dupta.
  • There are some of the same highly directional hard chases as White Embroideries, Black Linga Action, and Red Linga Coli Action.

Silk lehenga Choli Designs 

  • There are dozens of patterns of lehengas in silk from silk lehengas folds plain pose to silk brocade lehengas in square pleats.
  • Lehenga layered silk with net tulle under asymmetric silk hemline patterns.
  •  simple silk lines are still a good choice for wedding guests to attend any type of wedding occasion.