Trending Printed Salwar Kameez

It is not too late before the antique floral prints returned to work for Western clothing as well as traditional Indian clothing. The prints were a wonderful return, adding to the feminine look added to the clothes. The prints in the salwar shirt were also a long trend in casual Punjabi suits for office wear or anarkali dresses.

But since floral prints were so gorgeous at weddings and carried in Anarkali dresses, West Indian or Punjabi dresses in prints have kept this modern look going one step further with this season.

The look of these elegant dresses printed on the dress is still popular, and it is simply mesmerizing with a lighter base color with bright or dark floral prints. Small floral prints or a large, diffuse range of blank-sized flowers are also the latest trendy styles in salwar suits.


Choose these vintage antique prints, which look more like brocade and sewing patterns. We love silk printed in plant animals from ancient concepts. Anarkali in such concepts is best suited to sangeet and mehndi to reception functions. Fabrics like velvet. Plunge, silk and blend into account.

Again, beautiful flowers only come in a smaller section that’s about combining designers and matching flower concepts, vector graphics, geometry or abstracts that match the perfection of West Indian style suits. Palazzo and Punjabi pack in prints in morphological or small scattered motifs only repeatedly are fascinating when combined as a substrate and a regular kameez or vice versa

Geometric designs in the salwar shirt are also toward high selection with the bottom half of the hem lines in zigzag triangles, diamonds and circles. Masakali dresses and anarkali suits in geometric patterns or classic stripes still work well for formal attire or punjabi attire and churidar suits.