Top Trending Girl’s & Women Hair Styles on This Eid

While making sure that everything is perfect for your D-day, don’t miss out on your bridal hairstyles and these bridal hair stylists on social media can give you the much needed dose of inspiration . Hence, these hair stylists are your saviour and their gorgeous hairstyles will woo you away.From braids to open hairstyles, you will find everything and you will want to bookmark them right away.

Well, without any further ado, pin down these talented hair stylists for your D-day look and we assure you that you will not look less than a diva.

 These Amazing Hair Stylists

Deepak Sheshodiya Hair Stylists

He is a Delhi-based hairdresser and travels globally for his work. He is known for some amazing and deep bridal hairstyles, and we admire his work.


Aanal Savaliya Hair Stylists

Aanal Savaliya is a famous makeup and hairdresser and she is one that deserves to be admired. With gorgeous hairstyles and OTB, her work is unique and we cannot take our eyes off of the amazing and unique hairstyles.


Ritika Kadam Hair Stylists

She is one of the best known hairdressers and has magic in her hands that literally transforms your look. To get a different and different hairstyle, you should head to it and we are sure it will satisfy you the best.


Reba Khan Hair Stylists

She does some amazing pink hairstyles and we love how to play with hair accessories, the same pretty baby, carnations and roses and give her the best to give the bride a perfect look. Nothing can go wrong, if you consider your wedding hairstylist and you will make sure you look your best.


Arpita Hair And Makeup Artist Hair Stylists


Head to Arpita to get some pretty cool wedding hairstyles. All eyes will be on you if you choose her as a hairdresser. You will make sure that your hair gets all the attention and that people cannot remove their eyes from you.

Bianca Louzado Hair Stylists

She is a famous makeup and hairdresser and is known for her work. She is very commendable in her job and always aims for a flawless, contemporary and natural wedding look. For some chic and elegant wedding attire, you should simply be your first choice.



Rashid Hairstylist Hair Stylists


Straight from pink hairstyles, braided hairstyles to gorgeous flowing open hairstyles, you’ll be overwhelmed with options. We are certain that his hairstyle will enhance your appearance a thousand times and make you look better.