Top Pakistani Designer’s Eid Dresses For Women This Eid

Best Branded Outfits 2020 Eid Collection

Some other top Pakistani brands that have great Eid collection as follow:

  • Zahra Ahmed
  • Zainab Chottani
  • Agha Noor
  • Fatima Khan
  • Bareeze
  • Ego
  • Thredz and Motifs
  • House of Ittihad
  • Sana Safina
  • Warda
  • Firdous
  • Zaha
  • Zara Shahjahan
  • Crimson

Now that we have discussed all the best brands, we’d like to share the successful items of this year. Yes, this is really the most elegant outfit of all Eid collections this year, and if you have one of these sets you are so lucky because it is impossible to find it now. But if you like it, you can still try to get their exact copy. You will have almost the same at an incredibly lower price.

The cut that is made on the sleeves of this shirt is fantastic.

Without a doubt, here are the great pants you have ever seen.

For those who love brightly colored clothes, this is yes!

Sana Safinaz has released two great streaks this year. One is ready to wear the 2020 collection, and the other is the luxury formal wear for those who prefer non-sewn clothes. Check out our top picks.

Nishat Eid Collection

Nishat linen is one of the most famous apparel brands in Pakistan. Most women love this brand because every new size is more innovative and different from other brands. Nishat is a prominent brand offering ready-to-wear and stitches. This is the brand you need to go shopping for on Eid because their Eid collection is amazing. They have vibrant colors, charming prints and designs, which will surely make you fool around the feast. Pair your clothes with accessories from the accessories section.



Sania Maskakiya Eid Collection

Here is another first-rate designer that you can try on Eid.


Khaadi Eid Collection

Khaadi, one of the leading brands in Pakistan, was founded in 1998 with a dream to reintroduce the ancient art of modernism. Khaadi started out as a small facility in Karachi, and over the years, he undoubtedly won a stable position of himself in the market, with more stores in his possession. So, head over to Khadi this holiday and check out their inspiring ideas and couture. They have great diversity and deal in curtas, and it consists of three pieces and costumes. They provide sewn clothes as well as sewn. Their holiday group is undoubtedly ethereal.

Faraz Manan Eid Collection

Faraz Manan is another big name for the Pakistani fashion industry. Head over to this fabulous brand and get Eid outfits from the charming Eid collection.

Junaid Jamshed  Eid Collection

This is another brand that was taller than the grass group of prominent designers. This year’s Eid group is called the Luminous Luxury eid, and it is recognized that it looks luxurious. It includes both embroideries as well as tila or hard work as well as beautiful embellishments made on dresses. Quality and standards are fine, and the materials are known for their comfort, so check them out when searching for the Eid dress.


Gul Ahmed  Eid Collection

Gul Ahmed has been a favorite brand of women across the country for decades, and before groups of designers appeared in the garden. So far, despite all the competition, Gul Ahmed has maintained his standards and name in the domestic as well as international market. Eid Gul Ahmed presented a chiffon set in a range of colors to choose from.

Elan Eid Collection

If you don’t want to wear printed or embroidered things and want a little more formal dresses, go to Elan. Their dresses include heavy and light work done in colors like white and beige.

Sana Safinaz Eid Collection

Sana Safinaz has launched an impressive array of feast, and the materials used are mostly grass and chiffon. Given the hot weather, this would be the best choice for the fabric.

Ethnic By Outfitters

Ethnic clothing dealers are an extension of their clothing. It is a comprehensive pool of suppliers providing an elegant collection for women of all shapes and sizes. The Eid collection contains a wide range of non-sewn clothes as well as sewing. Don’t forget that they are generally well known, and that’s all you need for a hot summer feast. They will make sure that you understand the ethnic splendor of both of you. Their prints are elegant and nothing to match. So, for a sophisticated look at the holiday; this is your place.

Sapphire eid Collection

Enjoy the holiday with the latest new collection of sapphire. It’s in the trendy elements that will bring you another match of elegance, and the ideal style for perfect grip. Celebrate the holiday with the sapphire sign. Their summer collection is something you can wear on Eid. They have vibrant prints, soft texture, and stunning detail. They have curtas, trousers, two-piece clothes, three-piece outfits, whether in sewn or non-sewn form. You can buy sapphire clothing from its official website.