Top makeup trends that will dictate the fashion world this year


With passing time, beauty and self-care habits change. If we think about it, what we thought was trendy back ; we might be cringing over it today and getting embarrassed because of it.

But that’s the thing with fashion, it’s never static. This decade, we’re taking up things a notch; there are no set rules for fashion. We truly believe it’s all about you doing YOU. Here are some of the trends to further promote that thought:

Top Makeup Trends

Glass Skin Makeup Trends

This trend is definitely to stay here. It enhances the idea of ​​glowing and vitreous skin that can be achieved by mixing different creams and oils and moisturizers face and applying it on your face to get the effect of instant brightening and achieve that glow. You can also follow another method by applying a highlighter under your foundation to give it a natural and glowing look. But always remember to use the setting powder in the curly areas just to make sure your skin does not turn oily.

Glitter and Shine Makeup Trends

Glitter can simply work on any part of your face and make you shine like diamonds. Apply it to your eyelids to make your eyes stand out and add joy. You can also apply it to your eyeliner, making this bold statement and letting those heads spin. If you feel more fancy, go ahead and use this glow as a highlight to achieve the perfect sun-kissed look.

Less Matte, More Dew Makeup Trends

Powder products are not from the past. Leave these thick facial products that may clog pores and leave your face looking cakey. Switch to a more natural and creamy formula to give the look of natural dew. Because the skin this year!

Blush and Flush Makeup Trends

This year, we’re going to bring back gorgeous, bright colors of blush to get the funk! Try wearing brighter shades for roses and corals, and not only apply them to the apples of your cheeks, but also apply them to your temples while combining them with eye shades to get a fairly natural but full touch!