Narrowing all of the watches seen over the course of a year to only 17 of the best watches is the Sisyphean mission; Every time you think you got nailed, you can take a final peek at your Instagram feed and discover that you’ve beat an absolute critical hit and find yourself reevaluating every decision for the 20th time.

Well, we finally installed our tower colors in the mast and come up with what we think are the most memorable watches of the year, broken down by category. From heritage releases and boat racing timers to classics to take to the next generation, this is a snapshot of what 2019-in-watches looks like. Hopefully some additions to your Christmas (fantasy) list too.

The Ballers Watches

All watches are investments, but some are more obvious than others. Whether it is made of precious metal or contains movement to define an entire category of watches, these perfect pieces represent the pinnacle of design, and let you know that as well.
Just when you thought Audemars Piguet could not be further improved on Royal Oak, this gorgeous slice of rose gold comes. On the alligator strap instead of the full bracelet (because that would be caliber, right?), This 41mm version has wider markers, which move the date window away from the center, and a delicate track on the outer edge of the disc. Having a large black ribbon bar in contrast to blue gives a touch of class after dark to this classic sport.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Selfwinding Watches

As revival progressed, this was one of 2019 launch designs out of the park. Part of El Primero’s fiftieth anniversary celebrations – the first ever fully integrated automatic timer – it’s less honored than straight reproduction; But with the added benefit of sapphire crystal. Like his direct descendant, it contains a panda dial, tachometer and sub-minute minutes and seconds seconds at nine and three hours in a row, which leads to a major discrepancy with the 12-hour sub-dial between them.

Zenith El Primero A384 Revival Watches

It has one of the most useless complications in the measurement of time unless you happen to be a master of a yacht yacht. It’s also a complication that only a few people know how to program (most of them work at Rolex), but that doesn’t prevent it from being one of the hottest apologies for 2019. It’s big (44mm, great for a Rolex), noisy A little bit, with its embossed Yacht Master frame and definitely a frame for the weekend, but what a weekend with something like this on your wrist.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master II Watches

It is a known fact that in the past everything looked better. Watch brands know this, which is why one of the most important watch trends of the past ten years is the re-release of the old-fashioned. Not all of these are exact copies of earlier designs, but they all go back decades. They do not make them as they used to. Well, they do.

The Throwbacks Watches

Forget about all the bravery of Nicholas Riosec’s watches, Montblanc is at its best when you return things to basics. This simple and impressive addition to the Heritage Collection is an example. There is a thin blue trace on the outer ring of the main and subsidiary discs; Smart little red accents. The dial in silver white is very pure, almost porcelain, and the monochrome chronograph adds a sporty touch, which prevents it from being a very dangerous watch. But Capricorn is how much we want on our wrists.

Montblanc Heritage Monopusher Chronograph Watches





It was named after the original “Silver Spitfire” recall mark when she was in service, and this addition to the impressive IWC trial watch collection was definitely one of the most talked about the year. There are a lot of things to love from the somewhat brilliant bronze can associated with an olive-green disc, to the smart time zone screen from 11am to 1pm, which you can read at a glance – ideal if you are sitting in the cockpit, your look looks like one thing , But this is also the watch that contains movement from the first family of the basic caliber of the IWC – 8200. However, this watch takes its name, but in terms of watchmaking, it is a more impressive endeavor.

Breitling Navitimer B01 Chrono Pan-AM Watches


This would have happened very wrongly, but Breitling managed to hover over any connotations of discontent and go straight to a cold classic area with a stone with this honor to one of the most famous airlines in the United States. The secret to its success is the lack of an embossed logo on the front of the disc. Instead, this Breitling Navitimer is decorated in red and blue Pan-AM costume – which makes the base of the slide look really fun instead of sporting intimidation, only when the watch flips, there is a Pan-AM on a sapphire crystal that allows a glimpse of the inner movement they occupy. . A simple reminder that Breitling not only offers beautiful faces, but also a super power.

Tissot Heritage 1973 Chronograph Watches

This watch definitely made a lot of watchmakers’ watchlists. It is easy to see why. It is a mixture of the best works of watch design. There is a delicious back cover in the form of a pillow and a panda disc, with the pops provided by tinting three hands in orange, and the green tint of lume. Idea in the name. 1973 was the year Teso sponsored the Renault team for the first time in the Monte Carlo Rally. The race that occupied the three coronation centers. Something to remember when you quickly approach Junction 22 on the M62.

The Best-Dressed Watches

Amongst all the high-tech wizardry, fancy materials and boundary-pushing design, the simple dress watch is often forgotten. For times when you need to make the very best impression though, no other watch will do. These are the ultimate designs of 2019.From L to R: March LA.B Mansart Automatic; Omega De Ville Tresor Co-Axial Master Chronometer; Patek Philippe 5327J Perpetual Calendar

March LAB Mansart Watches

Dress watches used to mean straight-up no-fuss three-handers, but just as men’s after-dark style has evolved to include crushed velvet and florals, so we have wrist-candy experiments like this gorgeous March LAB. The octagonal design is based on the architecture of La Place Vendôme and supposed to combine the loucheness of LA’s Chateau Marmont with the baroque classicism of the architect from which it gets its name – Francois Mansart. Either way, it’s a daring dress design that demands to be taken seriously.

Omega De Ville Tresor 40mm Watches

With all the fuss about moon watches and Bond watches, it sometimes gets forgotten that Omega also makes some of the best dress (or best dressed) watches in the business. This Tresor, which has been in the collection since 1949, may not have the fiddly bezels and dynamic history of its other more notable names, but simplicity this beautiful is hard to do because there’s nowhere to hide.

From the precisely tapered hands that seem to melt into the similarly styled indices, as they slide gently past, to the unobtrusive date and the opaline sheen of the dial, this watch is one that rewards repeat viewing.


Patek Philippe Ref. 5327J-001 perpetual calendar Watches

Generally speaking, dinner is not the time to be checking your perpetual calendar, but why would you want to keep it under your cuff, when it’s as good looking as this from Patek Philippe? Taking the perennially elegant Calatrava case as its starting point, everything from the Breguet numerals to the precisely aligned sub-dials are geared towards aesthetic perfection.

Powering it is the exquisitely finished self-winding 240Q, an ultra-thin calibre that was first introduced in 1977 and which has been in the brand’s perpetual calendars since 1985, though it has since been updated with added silicon. This watch is Patek Philippe at its best – sophisticated, complicated and that little bit too special to wear every day.