Style Tips For indo-western with Casual Designs

Indo-western style for women is very trendy these days. Also, there is a trend to wear Indian wear for weddings and parties. The max style wear combination and style will definitely give you a classy look. From ethnic wear to casual Indo-western wear, there are many style tips for an Indo-Western look. Also, trendy necklaces can add charm to your overall look.

Be it formal wear or meeting wear, nothing can beat this modern combo. The Indo-western style is a mixture of traditional and western attire. Some may find this outfit fun to wear. There are many ways to design a western Indian dress. However, it is equally important to use it in the right way. Let’s look at some tips on Indo-Western style for different occasions.

How to Style indo-western attire for women

Well there is a lot of style advice for Indo-western wear. We have seen Bollywood Indian western dresses. From there you can also get inspiration. Sonam Kapoor, Shilpa Shetty and others have adapted this style for several fashion shows. From the West Indian salwar suit to the lehenga choli and saree, you can flaunt this style in many ways. Today we are going to learn how to wear the Indo-western outfit for women on different occasions.

Sharara with Blazer For Formal Events


This is the best style for an Indo-Western look. For any formal occasion or party, just pick a spark and pair it with a jacket. They can have any printed or solid background. Wear distinctive earrings to compliment them. This indo-western fusion dress gives you an elegant and elegant look. A modern and comfortable outfit is a must in your new wardrobe collection.

Style Tips For indo-western Look- Saree with Jeans


Stylish jeans saree is the trendy fashion among young girls. Wear this style at your college homecoming parties and bid farewells to stand out from the crowd. Any simple sari with an embroidered hem can be paired with jeans, trousers or a palace. However, you can go for a halter top or a neck top with saree trousers and also you can add a belt to look more elegant.


Wear Denim jacket over Lehenga Choli for Wedding


Fabulous! Isn’t that a cool look? A mixture of Indian and Western ethnic wear is the perfect choice for people who want to wear different outfits. Choose patterned or frilled gagras with a cropped top or top. Add a denim jacket over the lehenga for a modern look. However, you can also wear this contemporary style during winter weddings.

Printed Saree with Shirt


For an extra look, pair a shirt-like blouse with a saree. This style gives it a western Indian look. Here Sonam Kapoor looks gorgeous in a plain shirt with printed saree. Also, this internal integration is an excellent choice for your Office look. However, it doesn’t matter what texture you decide to wear with this style of shirt, but make sure to match the color scheme. You can find various style tips for West Indian fashion in Casual and Indian wear.

Style Tips For indo-western – Denim Jacket Over Kurti


Denim is a popular clothing for young men. It’s a simple greenery costume. Choose your jeans jacket and wear it over your kurti to get an elegant and elegant look. You can wear Kurti with a short and long jacket. But you can style denim with sleeves or without sleeves. Pairing a denim jacket over a Kurti looks exceptionally great for a business attire or any formal event you attend.

Saree with short long Kurti


You can design a long or short kurti blouse with a saree. This is a contemporary style, which you can try for any occasion. As we have seen, many Bollywood celebs and models choose this fusion style. For those who are going to college or working women, this style is the best option to try a saree saree with a kurti. Design your own simple kurti with an embroidered saree or vice versa. You can choose a silk saree, plaid or striped to match the kurti blouse. Also, the trend to wear a kurti jacket with a saree is also all the rage these days.


Lehenga with Shirt Style


Simplicity is more. I think everyone should have these built-in clothes in their wardrobe. Mixture of casual and Indian wear gives it a modern and elegant look. Choose an embroidered lehenga and pair it with a plain shirt for your best friend’s wedding and it will look absolutely stunning. You can also choose a printed cotton lehenga with a plain shirt for a summer occasion. Style your shirt and lehenga with minimal accessories.