Shoes With Kurta For Women-Best Footwear To Go With Kurti

Shoes to wear with kurta for women

Every girl needs a couple of stylish Kurtis in her wardrobe for the perfect look. These days it is very easy to find a Kurti that suits your taste and personal style. Moreover, you can wear your favorite cortes with leggings, tight socks, short, and even dresses, but it can be difficult to find the right shoes that suit you with the corta and make the perfect mix. That’s why we are here with some great and popular ideas.

What Shoes To Wear With A Kurti


Kurtas is the perfect choice for every occasion. It’s comfortable enough for casual wear and you can just be yourself lazy all day long. It can be easily worn with the design and accessories appropriate for any party or formal event and even bridal gowns. It is also great for work, school, college, travel and what not! So, without further waiting, let’s go ahead and see some of the best looks created with kurtas and shoes to wear with them. Here are some tips to help you along the way:

Always think about your occasion. Whether it is for work, semi-formal, formal or informal, it is very easy to find the right match but you should also choose your shoes accordingly.
If you are going to go with heels and there will be plenty of standing or walking, be sure to choose comfortable heels.
And if you can’t find high-quality heels with a matching or complementary style / color, you can always use flat shoes because, in my personal opinion, Kurtas works best with flat and attractive shoes.
When choosing shoes, another factor that you should consider is: What is the lower part you choose? As mentioned earlier, Kurtis with all kinds of bottoms can be worn literally from skirts to shawls but the choice of shoes is highly dependent on the bottoms you choose.
When wearing western-style bottoms like pants, skirts or jeans with a corta, you can choose shoes like pumps, heels and even loafers. But when wearing traditional undergarments like a shawl or gharas with a korta, choose delicious shoes like cabbage and stealth.
If your kurti is more formal, like anarkali, choose stylish shoes like Mojaris or juttis.
If your kurti is really formal with lots of embroidery or some kind of cool work to do, then your shoes should be simple and elegant.
Likewise, if your kurti is very simple or a plain colored kurti, you can wear it a bit with luxury shoes like Kohlapuris with a luxurious look.
For casual casual wear, the monochrome look is always classic for Curtis



Kurti with Pointed Pumps for Work

How wonderful this black corta is paired with folded catfish, better known as Patiala Shalwar. For more ideas on designing such shawls, check out our previous posts on Patiala Shalwar’s outfit, print ball and palace, this outfit looks like it went straight out of a Disney movie! Simply cute and charming. If you like this theme, you will definitely love our popular collection of ideas on how to wear Kurtis With Palazzo Pants.



 Kurti with Leggings and Slip on Canvas Shoes

Convert Kurtis to a dress, simply by wearing a belt around your waist. Pair it with high heels for a great stylish look for work and parties.

Dress Style Kurti with Strappy Heels

Here we see the traditional Ottoman gray kurta pattern with printed leggings.

 Ottoman Style Kurta and Printed Leggings with Slip-On Flats

If you are the adventurous girl who loves to travel, this is the look that is designed for exploration.


Kurta with Leggings and Mojari Shoes for Travelling

The perfect blend of elegance and sport! For girls who prefer comfort over anything else, sneakers and a kurt are the safest and most failure-friendly combination. Take a look at these different ways Kurtis wears with jeans for women.

 Kurti with Sneakers

One of the most popular and liked Curtis styles is definitely the Anarchy Corti, which is basically the fusion of the ankara and corta dress. Hence it combines the blessing of Anarkali as well as the charm of modern kurta. It’s perfect for semi-formal wear and looks amazing with matching pump shoes.



Anarkali Kurta with Pumps


The silver embroidery on the corta has been matched with the shoes and a gorgeous long coat has been added to make this the perfect fall and winter look.

Embroidered Kurta and Shoes for Winters

Wear a kurta asymmetric with a spark or flared pants on your wedding day for lifelong memories. Since shoes are almost invisible in this outfit, we suggest that you wear wedge heels because they give you height, along with comfort.

Bridal Kurta with Sharara and Wedge Heels

Here we see a Bollywood singer, Kareena Kapoor nicknamed Bebo in an open front, jeans and boots. This is the outfit from her last movie, “Jabbar Aad”  where Karina is seen in the hot avatar. Here are some ideas for dressing differently with cowboy boots.

Chic Indian Summer Kurta with Palazzo and Flip Flops

Everything about this outfit shouts with the word “comfort”. A mix of white corta and printed leggings is something you can wear every day at Summers.

Celebrity Style Kurta with Boots



Celebrity Kurta with Peep Toes Style


Kurtas and Khussas for College Girls

 Kurta with Kolhapuri Chappals