Rock Your Solids This Summer With Ideas Pret

You are comfortable in your bed reading a book safely. Getting out of bed will be synonymous with sin now. And leave this paradise specially to choose your outfit for the next day? Big number. I don’t have to justify your laziness, because I know this feeling well. Hence, I have a solution for you: I spend on solids this season.

The solids are back in place this year. Whether it is a solid two-piece dress or one shirt, solids require less effort than you. Pair it with your favorite shoelaces, denim jeans, panty and even pants – an extremely easy and comfortable way to look chic and elegant. Trust me, solids will soothe all your fashion fears.

If you are looking for the best solid foods in town on your own, Ideas Pret should be the first place you visit. For your light budget and urgent wardrobe update, we’ve got you covered. With the Ideas Independence Day Sale offer, you will easily be able to find easy and coordinated shirts on the go. All you need to worry about are matching scarves.

Ace the details

This maroon shirt is the wardrobe you should have this year. If the simplicity and elegance of the shirt is not enough, the intricate details on the sleeves make this A-Lester shirt. This shirt perfectly balances elegance with contemporary feeling. Available for Rs. 2629 only!


The ‘color du jour’

Are you lacking some vitamin C this summer? Well, here is your dose. It’s time to try out your clothes in sunset colors like mandarin, orange, orange charcoal and many other colors from the same family. With this folded orange jacquard cortex, you will pull the general “this” direction the most way possible! Available for Rs. 2629 only!


The doze of class

Are you looking for the perfect dress that expresses luxury and sophistication? Black is the first color that you should choose. Known for its perfection since the development of mankind (a little too much exaggeration …), you cannot go wrong in color. You can easily pair this chic blouse with a jeans and fallout! are you okay.


Go ‘out of the box’

If you want something unique and innovative this season, choose this strong gray cortex from Ideas Pret. You can look like a mid-summer dream with this beautiful color on a budget. Dodgy embellishment to the collar and bow detail to the sleeves add the right amount of elegance and softness to the dress!


Too hot to handle

Raise temperatures with this red dangling red shirt. Bold color with the simplicity of the shirt is a hot topic. Moreover, made of pure cotton, you will feel everything easily and comfortably in this piece of clothing.


Break all the trends

If you are ashamed of bold colors, here is a stylish choice for you. This olive green shirt with simple embroidered sleeves and a trendy neckline is a steal. Suitable for both formal and casual occasions, this shirt deserves everything you need in your wardrobe.


Purple Delight

Do you want to shake your invitation tonight? Well well well. This purple shirt will make you look like a real fashion icon. Add a touch to your everyday outfits and pair the solid shirt with some printed pants or blazers and top all the banche layouts.



Don’t wait and order right away! Grab your favorites before they are gone. After all, such things don’t last long in sales like the one Ideas has.