Paithani Silk Saree


The silk saree originates from Maharashtra, when initially the saree was a silk and cotton woven saree. Today it is made from Bengaluru silk and zari that is woven into the Paithani weave design. The saris have a charm that is in the golden zari aspect of the pallu and peacock motifs.

Most saris have now been worn for special occasions and festivals in Marathas. The sari is a silk wedding sari for Marathi brides, as well as different patterns and styles of a paithani fabric that women wear for bidding at cultural events.

Designs of a Paithani Silk Saree


The saree weaving known as Paithani became popular during the Mughal era and survived to become one of the strongest styles of traditional Maharashtra textile saris thanks to Peshwas. The sari has a zari pallu that has peacock motifs that are colorful and some small weaving motifs on the body of the zari saree.

There are two popular pathaini soft sari fabrics, one is the plain simple fabric where the body is made of plain silk and the other is the patterned fabric where smaller motifs of chakras, flowers, akruti, cotton flowers and that kind of reasons.

Shop Paithani Silk Sarees

The purchase of these traditional silk saris is normally done for occasions and festivals. Whether it’s for a Maharashtrian bride or her family or ladies to attend a cultural event. Paithani sarees are worn in different ways on a sari curtain and are therefore longer than usual sari lengths.

Shop paithani saris in the latest modern concept designs of colored knitting motifs and detailed embroidery look. Buy Paithani silk saree with golden pallu and bird motifs and plain saree body or small butti weave design all over the saree body.

You can always wear a paithani silk sari in the Maharashtrian sari draping styles or in the Peshwai or Nauvari Saree draping style. Today, the bright and colorful shades of paithani silk saris are on a high trend with work details and designer blouses to match the whole look.

Types of Paithani Silk Sarees in Trend

The colors that are always used for paithani silk are magenta, red, green, purple, blue, orange and yellow. They are all glitters and the plot of bird motifs, kalash or leaves and wales are always multi-colored.

The regular Paithani silk saree with bird or peacock motif in pallu gold thread is the most common and highest purchasing concept. The trim is in 3 to 2.5 inch plain zari of plain zari edges on all sides of the sari.

The other type is the same with more horizontal panels of gold woven thread throughout pallu and only alternative panels of colored thread like a sari. The motifs play an important role in the paithani weaving style, which can have peacocks or wales and leaves on the pallu.

The new modern paithani silk saris are now available in light shades of pinks, peaches and yellows. Pairing a paithani border into a longer panel and mixing it with a different fabric on the body is what’s all the rage in designer silk saris.

Only a panel ora bottom skirt with bird motifs or traditional paithani fabrics are also trend with a plain body of the entire saree. Designers like Gaurang Shah create a new concept of paithani silk saris that are now also available.

Celebrities also love wearing silk saris on paithani fabric like Kiran Kher, Diya Mirza on a gold zari paithani sari with floral fabric designs throughout. Or the beautiful Vidya Balan who loves silk saris design has also dressed in Paithani silk saris in designer concepts.