New Ways to wear Your Salwar Kameez Dupatta

Ways to Wear a Selwark Kamith Dupatta As always in finding a new look every season, from wearing it in different shapes with kameez sawlar or saying clothes in a unique kezi style. Let’s to bring in new fashion with Dupatta to design a new style of clothes.

Indian West looks with Dupatta are the most popular and we will find new looks for Dupatta reuse either through simple DIY methods of designing, sewing and cutting or saying wearing it in double look to give it a new look.


Latest Ways to Style Your Dupatta like an Outfit

Different Ways to Re-use your Dupatta for Styling your Wardrobe

  1. Cut the dopta into a jacket, cortas or tops and pair it with bottoms to match the entire look
    Try the double curtain look, and wear a double petticoat with saree of a double paleo saree or a double doba linga chouli. Watch the video on how to wear a Saree an Lehenga choli double drape.
  2. Make heads from Dupatta to wear with lehenga choli, or over anarkalis or even on the saree and blouse for a stylish looik.
  3. Customize the dopata with twisting techniques for the dotty skirts, the doty pants, or even the skirt.
  4. Wear a dopata as a hood, tie the ends (as shown in this video) to wear it like a plus jacket or cut and sew it in easy and simple ways that you can mount it yourself and pair it with your outfit for a western Indian look.
  5. Wear doupata, such as a midi or a pant style. Bend one at the waist and the other around the back to the front left shoulder. Pair it with pants, dotty, and a palazzo bottom to look amazingly hot.

There are many more ways to design your salwar kameez dupatta that we could have missed, can you tell us more styles in the comments below?