Men’s Ethnic Wear – Style Tips for Eid

After 30 days of fasting, and they won the day celebrations of Eid-Henricus. And our honor, and the hare, and the festival is in opposition to. It is time to revive our sense of fashion. However in tunic Churidar options such as CNN Salwar Kameez, Anarkali, Lehenga Choli etc. Eid kind of restriction on clothes less well. Eid, the traditional festival, as it is, he chose some of them, that the people have the right to put on the vestments of the fourth part of the first.

Let see some of the Idea to style in Eid

Men’s ethnic wear – Pathani suit for Eid:

Believing that the rise Afghanistan Pathan suit their sophisticated women prefer to appeal to casual occasions, such as birthday parties, sangeet, mehendi, Hald, etc. Ethnic Pathans as covering for the sound of the Eid Eid is that which, but for the most part prefer to be in a white dress, and the dress of salwar closely bound up with the garments of different kinds of colors from many counsels.

We are very pleased, and the example of so many grateful innovates for a designer to devise artistic designs, they do not get bored with the same men, whether they are free to form and the form of the pattern. B, our Lord, in the style is for the elegance of the town of Pathans to catch Celebrities and follow their school has been resolved, a soft and comfortable with a wonderful and the doctrine of the other. Here are some images are presented to the references.

Varun dhawan look book in Pathani Suit:

Sarukh khan in Pathani Suit:

Men’s ethnic wear – Pathani style Sherwani for Eid:

Pathan is just a background for setting simple and nice clothes and religious men. In this festival time, a little more attention to Pathan Style Sherwani bohemian chic. This is especially true of this day is to be found menswear Eid. Recommended for sherwan pale. Is your beautiful embroidery. It provides modern charm people. Combine this way Sherwani Pathan dhoti and churidar salwar contrasting color to the outside or ordinary looking and pants.

 Casual Kurta Style for Eid:

More than Kurta give young people the most notorious apparently more. Out of a white salwar kurta for the informal menswear doeth these things is the most elegant Eid. He preferred, for the informal Kurta beige colors, do not, and the teeth of elephants, and of the peach, mint green, khaki and blue. It is simple casual personality to provide the eid. Combine this Kurta, pants, jeans, get a super cool looking.

Men’s ethnic wear – Waist Coat for Eid :

The man is said to be complete without the wear flashy clothes, most parties. Always add in the race and the overall style personality. By the fact that a person is well combines the occasions of the dart, the door of the ceremonies, anniversary parties, the functional, formal wedding, whether of persons as the Sangeet meetings, etc., from the sound of voices, by mixing with the darkness, and entered in the suit or the gray Kurta Kurta in a short time to the Genoese for example, and a sleek and stylish not to our faces from him. Here are some pictures of it on the vests style.

Clothing themselves in the faces of the men, the elegance and style of the fourth part has all the opportunities, which is the unsurpassable Word.