Men Short Pathani Kurta Top Trending Styles

Pathani or pathani kurta suit is the popular  clothing among men ‘s traditional costume. Not only women, but men today also love to wear traditional clothes at weddings, celebrations, parties and festivals, and this ethnic tradition for men comes in a great diversity in terms of color, size, cut and designs. Pathani or kurta prosthesis originated from the state of Afghanistan. In some places, men still wear pathani kurta clothes on a daily basis. A pathani or kurta suit has also found madness among Bollywood stars.

Speaking of pathani kurta, appropriate quality and perfect texture is another factor that determines the appearance of the kurta. Pathani kurta can also be found in various materials such as silk, cotton and linen. Most people prefer to choose to wear silk pathani kurta because it looks more elegant and sophisticated, and today we discussed the latest styles of men from pathani kurta.

Top Trends And Latest Styles of Men Short Pathani Kurta 

Short Pathani Kurta With Side Opening 

The designer opened pathani kurta opening frequently these days. Because these clothes are the most suitable and most suitable for men to wear on Eid as well as other festivals. Pattani kurta can be worn on both formal and semi-formal dress. Pair it with a pajama or jeans for a great West Indian look.

Pleated Short Pathani Kurta

All men of all ages love short folds of pathani kurta because they are so popular. A pathani short card is more comfortable because it is not heavy and its material is very light and comfortable as well.

Designer Shawl Style Short Pathani Kurta

Due to its design, the Pathani kurta shawl neck looks different from the other pathani suit. That gives a shattered look. Pair it with skinny jeans for a complete look.

Cut – Style Short Pathani Kurta

When the festival or event is held, men should wear attractive designs. The pathani kurta pieces are the perfect for casual meeting with your friends. It gives you a subtle and elegant look. Combine these shoes with sandals or sandals to match the trend.

Short Pathani Kurta In Beige Hue

Colors play an important role when planning to wear a pathani or kurta suit. Pathani kurta comes in many colors that enhance the look of the outfit. Here beige is in a big trend nowadays because summer has already entered the doors. You can also try bright colors of corta according to the festivals.