Maria B Mbroidered Eid Collection Dresses Styles

The Maria B. Embride Eid collection was launched recently for Eid Al Fitr, and it includes grass and silk dresses. The term: Maria B. Embride, the Maria B. Embride collection, the Marie and Chiffon dresses collection, giving you a variety to choose your favorite fabric.

Maria B is one of the best-selling brands in Pakistan and Mubarid is one of its official collections that are launched near the days of Eid every year.

This year, there are more exciting designs in the Mapidor collection by providing elegant dresses from Chalwar Camis with a simple and elegant design in different styles that will take your breath away.

Embroidered collections are always launched in two categories of semi-formal and formal dresses, and this collection consists of designs of semi-formal dresses, and Maria has used three different types of fabrics that are worn during the hot summer days in Pakistan such as Lawn, Chiffon and Silk


Maria B Mbroidered Eid Collection

The Maria Bey Eid collection is a mixture of different high-quality summer fabrics with modern and traditional designs for everyday wear and event.

Every Pakistani girl is ready to enjoy the festive season in Ramadan and Eid by wearing beautiful classic traditional dresses launched at the Maria B. Embraced Eid collection.

The holiday is celebrated for a period of three days and you must have started shopping for the various occasions and days of the holiday. The Maria B. Embrid Eid collection contains different types of dresses that you can choose based on your choice, these dresses have light and dark color patterns that combine the elements, which makes the dress luxurious.

Each dress from Eid Ul Fitr Collection is pure and carefully designed category for women of all age groups.

Maria will be launching consecutive Eid kits, and this is just the beginning where you’ll see more Eid kits on Fashionvilas during the last week of Ramadan.

As the end of Ramadan approaches, each brand launches Eid kits, you should also visit brand pages as there are more kits than usual signature kits.

Enjoy the images of the Maria B. Mickled Eid collection and select the dress that best suits your personality and style.