Manish Malhotra Haute Couture Makeup Collection 2020

 fashion designer Manish Malhotra

European beauty brand MyGlamm takes into account the first anniversary of MyGlamm’s Manish Malhotra Beauty.

In star fashion design, Manish Malhotra began to be the first Indian designer to offer a wide range of cosmetics, beauty, colors and a unique and luxurious makeup line created jointly with the European elegance brand, MyGlamm.

The first group of both brands during that time, the group released uber-luxe color palettes, lipstick, lip gloss, nail polish, blush and also alongside MyGlamm, included in a special collaboration.

Manish Malhotra Beauty from MyGlamm quickly established itself as a premium makeup brand in India with 200 retail outlets across 50 cities in India and online orders submitted to over 1000 cities in India. In 2020, MyGlamm Manish Malhotra wants to become the first brand to cross Rs 100 crore within two years of its launch.