Lehenga Choli Colors For Dark Complexion Women


Our skin has melanin, which controlled by a minimum of 6 genes, both people with complexion have melanin, it is in two forms: from red to yellow melanin, we call it pheomelanin and we have a form of dark brown to black as eu-melanin, eu- melanin having a dark complexion. Dark skin has been seen as a personified beauty.

Dark Complexion has an attraction feature that shows real beauty. It is an emblem of absolute beauty and charm today. Dark complexion tone beauties are always considered “sexy”. Women with dark complexions could be the center of attraction with the correct colors of Lehenga Choli Outfits.

We have the misconception that pastels do not suit dark skin tones as they can make all women look beautiful. Lehenga Choli colors in Mint Green, Burnt Orange, Peach, Emerald Green, Pastel Pink, Powder Pink, Pastel Purple, Deep Pink is another option to try, it will ensure everyone notices you while making an entry.

Avoid colors that are too bright like maroon, ultra-bright colors, and neon, if you really like a neon lehenga wear it with a pastel blouse.

Rekha, Bipasha Basu, Kajol Devgan, Priyanka Chopra, Shilpa Shetty, Dipika Padukone is a great example of dark complexion. They confidently wear even ornate red Lehengas or emerald green lehengas in their movies. Dark-skinned Indian girls generally have warm skin tones, so here are some colors in Lehenga cholis to choose from.

Lehenga Choli Colors for Dark Complextion Women


The green color is what puts every girl at a loss, but choosing the right shade of green adds elegance to your personality. Shades such as Bottle Green, Emerald green is a very rare low density green shade. This color is suitable for dark-skinned women compared to other shades of green, and looks amazing, avoiding light green and neon green

Cobalt Blue

Just like green, red, yellow, and blue have many shades. Dark blue shades like royal blue, do not fit dark women. But the blue cobalt look gives them a nice look.


Beige is an English color, a light color that fits light and dark skin tones, and gives a gorgeous look to darker skin tones.

White or Cream

White and cream contrast with the dark color, it’s stunning with a fair tone but gives a cool and visible look to darker skin tones.


Yes, it is the preferred color for brides when it comes to weddings. Red is not a good color for dark skin but with the right shade, red can give you a beautiful look. Do not define very deep earthy red shades, such as maroon, brick, or burgundy. Cochineal, cochineal, cochineal, etc. are the brightest and warmest versions that will make you more clear.

Pink lehenga choli for Dark complextion

Pink is the color of love for almost all girls. Pink, pink, coral and peach colors are perfect for you, try hot pink, fuchsia etc. to look more daring and become a singer.

Lehenga Choli colors for the dark complexion skin we share above, blessed beauty can choose any color for your skin. It is not about the color you specify, but rather the shade. Apart from lehenga choli designs, jewelry, makeup and lehenga choli blouse design also make you trust bring the best that suits you. See our lessons on – Lehenga’s hues of dark Indian skin tone