Latest Gul Ahmed’s Summer Lawn Collection



As flowers bloom across the length and breadth of the country, wardrobes are emptied for the collection of Jul Ahmed’s Summer Garden. Lawn Collection, which includes a wide range of luxurious non-overlapping fabrics, this year’s collection is second to none. First of all, the embroidered Swiss Voile collection consists of beautifully designed non-stitched fabric designs with embellished bodice and flowing insults. Formal wear.




There is a range of non-sewn grass with Dupattas silk in patterns ranging from classic flowers to intricate geometry to suit the summer mood, and for those looking for something airy, yet sophisticated, the Luxury Jacquard Collection combines the elegance of jacquard with elegant silk fabrics. Chantilly de Lace formula provides the perfect blend of lightness and elegance, and is taking it one step further with chiffon lace embroidered delicates. A mixture of vibrant colors, exploring local sensibilities and incorporating countless patterns. Gul Ahmed carries his proud tradition of moving forward with many exciting modern fabrics in our annual summer collection

One of the biggest appearances of fashion is all about flowers. GulAhmed creates local views on global fashion trends. The Bagh e Gul One Piece Grass Seed is made to please women all over the world. The inaugural release of the Baggol collection is all about little flowers. The second part of Bug-e-Goal features is a colorful blend of sophisticated floral prints embellished with delicate embroidery.


Embrace Bedouin art with the Gypsy Summer Lawn Collection. Celebrate hot summer days with a sense of enthusiasm. Let bright colors and bold motifs express your inner art. Inspired by the vitality of Pakistani folk traditions, every edition within the Gypsy Garden Summer Collection is a new chapter of fashion fabrics.



Formal Brights collection is specially designed for festive occasions, an example of luxury fabric designs. With graceful patterns, attractive prints, and glamorous sequins work, trendy fabrics from the Formal Brights collection can be used to create signature dresses for all kinds of formal events, so what are you waiting for? Decorate yourself with Gul Ahmed’s loose stitches and become a stylish statement with free shipping all over Pakistan.