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2020 Ef Outfit Ideas with Hijab – Hijab for me is my crown as well as for many girls who love hijab if I’m not mistaken here. And trying out the different ways I can wear this crown is always fun, isn’t it for you all? It has to be !! Because what do you do in this blog after all.

Eid is just around the corner, and for days, fanatic hijabs may have to buy clothes that fit their clothes. In this post, we will be sharing ideas for Muslim women on how to match the hijab with the Eid dress and the latest Islamic dresses for the Eid. For the headscarf, skirting tips Check out these simple, step-by-step methods for wrapping hijab lessons.

Hijab Fashion For Eid

We all know that with the development of spell-linking in the humble fashion world over the past few decades, a lot has changed for people and now they are always discovering the right place for them according to their haircuts and body shapes. It does not differ in the case of the veil.

We have some advice for girls that might help you choose the best veil for yourself. take a look.

On a windy day, don’t forget to use hijab pins and you can also add a brooch to add a charming touch.
If you use a soft and silky fabric like silk or chiffon, use the veil cover at the bottom to get a good grip.
Blessed queens with an oval face are yours. Having a universal face shape suits you almost every style but it’s best to wrap the scarf firmly around your face and avoid many folds unless you want your face to look short.
The round cake will make you have high heels in Spanish and Egyptian style looking stunning.
With square shaped charms with magical jaw lines, it is advisable to wear a folded veil loosely and avoid the Turkish-style veil as it will completely change the structure of your face.
Beauty facing the heart must wear a doupata or flowing veil to look cool.

Printed Hijab style

Hello girl! Have you bought a holiday costume with hijab yet? If not, what is on your mind? In the event that you are considering a veil you should buy this holiday we have an idea for you. What about the printed veil? The printed veil expands your options as there are great options. You can get abstract prints, checkered, snake, zebra, and leopard. You cannot even exclude engineering prints.

Matching Hijab style

There is not even a slight chance for us to tell the girl no to match, especially on Eid. You match your jewelry and shoes with your dress, and we assume you may want to have the matching veil too for a perfect feminine touch. You can easily get the right veil, accessory it, and enjoy the holiday.

Dupatta Style Hijab Without Pin style

Beat the summer heat. Say no to a tight veil because you definitely don’t want to feel suffocated on the occasion of joy and joy. Get a scarf that is either matching or contrasting with your clothes. There are two ways to wear it. You can hold both ends behind the shoulder, or keep one in front and throw the second over one shoulder.



Tessori Silver Wrap Hijab style

Hey, beauty adds a touch of sparkle and shine to holiday outfits with this silver in silver from Tessori Silver Hijab Wrap from Hooriyah Collection.


Fashion Blogger’s Style Eid Hijabs style

.At times when you cannot determine the color of the veil that should be worn, one of the simplest solutions is to find one that fits your shoes or any part of your clothes. The white skirt and neutral upper will look charming if you wear a white mesh or overlaying veil with it. It will be an additional point if you decide to wear white shoes. The right makeup, of course, will give you a magical glow in this veil so you don’t miss it.

 Matching White Scarf with White Skirt and white shoes style

Turban veil looks great with modern or ethnic holiday clothes. We think it is a great idea for a holiday get-together. You can carry it around easily without worrying about fixing it every other minute. According to us, you can add some sparkle and sparkle to it with accessories with a luxurious necklace wrapped around your crown. If you don’t have it, you can add Matha Patti or Subtract.

Party Wear Turban Hijab style

Every girl looks great on tartan prints, so why not wear it on Eid. Here are some great tartan clothes for women that are sure to make you look trendy.


 Tartan Scarf with Red Blazer style

This is a simple theme for girls who want to keep things simple. The hijab pattern includes wrapping the ends of the veil just around the neck and leaving the edges hanging at your back. It is perfect for girls who have a round face.

 Cute Style for Round Face Hijabis style

If you have some new accessories or a distinctive necklace to wear with Eid outfits, this is the perfect veil style. It looks great for twilight jobs, dinners, or encounters that are part of Eid celebrations.

 Eid Function Outfit – Simple and Elegant style

Girls and women of all ages love kimonos because they can transform any outfit into a modest outfit so check these out

 Araazix wearing a Beige Open kimono style

And here is the famous hijabi blogger Melanie Elturk from Haute Hijab whose Eid look includes a beautifully printed hijab. The way she wears her hijab here is also charming and unique since she tucked the veil inside her shirt for chic but modest vibes.

 Parisian modest Style by Barchaparis

If you’re not much dressed in luxury and want to keep Eid outfits as simple as possible and elegant enough, you’ll love the humble Parisian style of Barchaparis. It is never wrong to try something new.

Simple Pony Tail Style Scarf tied on one Side

Here’s a simple way to wear your scarf, while leaving one end hanging around the shoulder. By wearing a scarf in this way, you get enough room to wear earrings and necklaces. The ponytail will make you look like a dream girl you usually dream of. If you don’t want to let the pony flow, you can wrap it or accessory with the help of jewelry.

 Modern Hijab look style

Here is one of the latest hijab looks in which you tie the remaining scarf in the front instead of tying it from the back and this gives a kind of rose effect. We can bet that everyone will love this crazy style and they may ask you to help them create the same thing.