Latest Best Abaya Designs For Girls

Abaya Designs For Girls

The cloak is the cultural and religious symbol for Muslims. Since it is a cultural and religious symbol, the abaya is now a fashion statement. It is no longer considered a standard for Islamic clothing. The concept of the abaya aligns ideas such as a large and heavy black robe with the idea of being long, loose and streamlined and covering the entire body, but today abayas are narrow, glowing and modern to match the fashion trends of today. Abayas are no longer a sign of Islamism, but rather part of the latest fashion trends.
Here you will find the latest, currently popular abayas designs, which include simple abayas designs as well as new model sabayas. You can also find Abayas Design images here.

Jersy Butterfly Abaya

With the rapid changes in the fashion and apparel industry, abayas have also evolved. Jersey Butterfly Abayas are fashion now and everyone loves them. It is streamlined and long and has completely articulated arms which, when spread widely, give a butterfly look. The cloak is very detailed around the neckline and borders

 Mono Sided Denim Abaya

Today’s gowns are not just limited to traditional jersey fabric. Abayas also come in denim. Denim abaya is a complete fashion statement. The denim abaya is mostly open front and has broad shoulders. The unilateral denim cloak is a true fashion statement.

Sunflower Dropped Shoulder Abaya

The sunflower abaya is a perfect and unique choice for a modern abaya. This cloak is of various funky colors and is ideal for formal wear.

 Islamic Maxi Abaya

The Islamic Maxi Abaya is a perfect Islamic abaya for women who do not intend to wear abaya for fashion purposes. But it is always better to spice up things. The maxi styled abaya is long and flowy that makes a perfect outer piece.

Cut Open Abaya

Open abaya from traditional abaya. The robe is simple and spacious with a front opening with straight buttons.

 Two Halves of Spring

The abaya is characterized by two colors on two straight lines with contrasting detailed work. The dress is modern and perfect for formal wear and parties

 Monochromatic Abaya

The mono abaya is the perfect display stopper for those who want to stay covered and still trendy when it comes to fashion.

Long Lace Outwear Abaya

Ruffle lace long abaya. The gown is long and completely covers the entire dress but is open to the front. Ideal for a modern abaya.

 Embellished Gown

This gown is inspired by the dress design. And embellished to give the appearance of spices. Ideal for formal wear.

 Hooded Hijab

The concept of the covered veil is inspired by the concept of the red cape. Likewise, the veil covered has a cap covered in to cover the head.

 Top Treasure Abaya

Abaya treasure top inspired by the concept of long and long skirt. The cloak looks modern and fair at the same time.

 Denim Abaya

Denim never goes out of fashion, no matter what piece of clothing it is made of. Whether it’s jeans or abayas, jeans are always trendy. Denim abayas are a symbol of liveliness.

Neck Tie Up Abaya

Neck Abaya is a different type of abaya in fashion that aims to give the abaya some spices. This abaya can be perfect for hijab business women.

Drop Shoulder Abaya

Abaya with drop-down shoulders is perfect for worn out chic girls who want to add spices to their outerwear to make them look fashionable and colorful. Dropped shoulder straps that are very similar to a maxi with a high coverage factor.

 Double Layered Abaya

The double-layered cloak pulls the front closed abaya in a way that gives the abaya wear a different look which makes it easy to wear daily and daily work. The layer is embroidered with thread flowers to add to its look.

 Stone Work Abaya

It is a front closure abaya designed for parties and various formal occasions. The abaya has layers and dense flow in the front with detailed stone work on the sleeves.

 Arabis Abstract Abaya

Abstract Arabic Abaya is an abaya printed in abstract colors and colors that makes the abaya wear fun and exciting. This style can be worn for daily work and use

 Wrinkle Crinkle

The wrinkles are a closed front abaya with wrinkles in the upper middle part of the abaya with supportive holes on both sides. This cloak is perfect for wearing a part

 Patchwork Abaya

Patchwork abaya is a monotonous collection assembled and integrated into the abaya for its proper presentation and style

 Robe Work

The robe abaya is a front open abaya inspired by the appearance of the robe, the robe abaya looks beautiful and unconventional.