Latest Bandhani Saree Designs

As we all know bandhani is the art form of Rajasthan, Gujarat etc. But not everyone knows the history of Pandani Sari. Why is this craft called bandani. So, Bandana is the Sanskrit word that comes from the word Bandana which means to bind and tie anything. In this art form, people used to tie a pinch of fabric with the help of a thread and then put it on the dye. This whole process is called Pandani Art. This type of saree is a symbol of our Indian heritage. Also many people think that wearing a bandani is lucky for newly married women.

Here the top trending bandhani sarees for the upcoming festival

The Bandhani sarees come in a number of design variants. There are various variations of bandani designs in different colors. For example, one point is Ekdali, three points are like Tikunthi, four points are like Chaubundi, seven points form a group known as Satbandi, small point is called Boond, mountain form is called Dungar Shahi, the vortex. It is known as laddu jalebi, waves are very popular Pandani art known as Lehariya, etc.

Top design of bandhani sarees

Here is the same top trending bandhani saree for weddings, parties, festivals, etc. bandhani sarees are the symbols of our Indian culture. As we all know that this is known as a symbol of good fortune.

Bandhani saree with Gotta Patti work


This is one of the best art forms in Pandani. Gotta Patti is known as the art of embroidery. Basically this art is very similar to tracery art and this is used with the help of gotta, patti, thread and zari around gotta. This form of embroidery is from Rajasthan and they use a small portion of zari and tape on the fabric to make the design. The golden zari is used to conceal the edges and create the perfect patty look.



The Royal Bandhani saree of Rajasthan


As we all know bandhani and gotta Patti are from Rajasthan. Generally speaking, this saree is worn by the royal families, and this is the symbol of Rajputana culture in Rajasthan. This is the saree used to make it in dark red color and with the help of gotta patti, ginni, gotta lace, zari thread etc., this type of saree has wide borders of silver lace and some small flowers from Jenny and gotta patti all over the saree.



The proper Traditional Bandhani Saree


It is the best kind of saree in a Bandani saree. This saree is made with golden zari, gotta, flower jiny, thread, and small golden lace. Generally speaking, this saree comes in red, yellow, green and sometimes blue. This is a traditional Rajasthani saree. Generally speaking, this saree is worn by the newly married women. The traditional bandani saree is made in the Boond (small point) pattern. This design contains the smallest surprisingly intricate patterns with lace gotta.

Amazing Gujarati bandhani saree


This form of saree looks amazing and elegant on its own. Generally speaking, Gujarati Bandhani sarees come in styles like nature, chrome, checks, leaves, boxes, dots, and many more. This is also known as Kutchi bandhani saree. This is the most authentic Gujarat saree. This type of saree comes in dark colors red, yellow, navy blue, dark green, orange, etc. In this saree you can also very small patterns and large motifs.


Bandhej saree with designer blouse


A designer blouse is the best item to add charm to a simple saree. If you are the one who wants to keep plain sarees and heavy blouses then you can go with designer blouses and casual tops. It provides the perfect festive atmosphere. Designer blouses come in many different styles, designs, patterns, and more.