Indian Wedding Lehenga Choli Designs & Color Combinations

Lehenga Choli Designs & Color Combinations

We will give you a taste of the latest Lehenga choli color combination. Brides are not ashamed to try the colors of lehenga. Pastels are reinvented with some great shades and textures. lets take alook!

Mint green with peach combination lehenga 

Green sage or green mint is in a great direction. You can also try lehenga with Dupatta peach or vice versa. This mixture looks delicate and subtle when paired properly.

 Blue lehenga with peach dupatta

Very few brides use blue lehengas for wedding. But over time, there are no restrictions in the colors of lehenga. You can also choose what you like. The shaded blue lehenga can be nicely combined with peach or Dupatta pink.

Bright pink lehenga set

It has always been the favorite pink color of the Indian bride. Despite the opportunity to decorate the love of the bride in pink. You can also pair pink lehenga with pink little or white Dupatta for a brighter look.

Light Blue Dupatta and Dark Blue Skirt

Dark blue leggings are very popular among brides. There is a huge demand for Blue Dupatta inspired by Anita Dongre. Dark blue lehenga can be combined nicely with Dupatta light blue.

White Lehenga’s

White or white linginate is a pure form of simplicity. Today, many brides try out white lehengas. White or urgent white lehenga can be an excellent choice for destination weddings. Or brides who want to show more colors can choose white lehengas.

Champagne Gold or Ivory Lehenga

Brides experimented with lehengas from gold and ivory shades. This tone has an attractive effect. This will also enhance any Indian skin tone. You can also try ivory and golden lehenga for wedding or reception.

Lilac-Ultraviolet Lehenga Choli 

Purple lehengas shades have become the biggest trend this year. Brides and celebrities in India choose purple shades and tones of purple. Lilac pairs dubata and ultraviolet trees in particular can be a great mix.

Red-Orange fiery combination

After the biggest trend of lehenga in pink and pink, a new color group became in the queue. A red orange orange makes a fiery blend. Brides who want to decorate red lehengas but with a touch can try it out.

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Wedding Lehenga Choli Best fabric Designs

If you choose the best fabric for lehenga, you can never go wrong in silk and velvet for a winter wedding. Both add a royal touch to it. The best part about these fabrics is that they look pretty with less embroidery because of the same glossy fabric.

Here are Few important tips for you, before you finalize lehenga fabric:-

1.Lehenga fabric should fit your site.
2.The fabric should also be suitable according to the weather conditions.
3.The fabric should be suitable for sensitive skin or other skin types.
4.Add / remove kankan to increase / decrease volume in lehenga.
5.Choose Lehenga according to your body type.

Georgette, Chiffon & Net fabrics for Lehenga Choli

These lighter fabrics are perfect for summer weddings, and you can easily wear them on all of your weddings. These types of lehenga fabrics are graceful and look very beautiful to brides. This lightweight fabric looks great with any type of body. Experience intricate heavy body work or large designs for a slim figure.

Velvet Fabric for lehenga’s

This lehenga fabric always attracts brides because of their self-sparkle. This lehenga adds a blessing to your entire wedding appearance. Choose from light to heavy embroidery designs with this lehenga fabric because it is already a rich material. The image below contains some of the velvet lehengas by designer Sabyasanchi.

Brocade for lehenga choli

Banaras Brocade Leginas returned with massive demand. You should choose traditional wedding colors like red, orange, and pink. These look perfect in brocade lehenga fabric. It’s really a rich and heavy material, you don’t have to worry too much about embroideries or heavy needles. Banaras Brocade Leginas returns with massive demand. You should choose traditional wedding colors like red, orange, and pink. These look perfect in brocade lehenga fabric. It is really a rich and heavy material, you don’t have to worry too much about embroidery or heavy needle.

Real Silk fabric for lehenga’s

The ancient Indian silk hinge cannot go out of fashion. You should choose elegant, invisible and elegant lehenga silk fabric. There are so many beautiful options and clothes available in silk and you can choose your best.

Wedding Lehenga Choli Best Work Designs

Many designs are available for lehenga fabrics. From light to heavy weight, you can choose by your type. You can choose between embroidered or embroidered crafts or crafts for multiple occasions for your wedding.

In hard work, you can try silk and velvet fabrics. Silk and velvet have heavy zordous embroidery and embroidered. It can give you the best heavy look. Or you can choose lightweight fabrics like georgette, or net or chiffon with minimal work patty patty on it. You can also combine it according to your style. Chikankari embroidery in great direction.

Wedding Engagement Lehenga Choli Designs

The sharing function is a small meeting. Brides can choose minimal clothing with lightweight lehengas. Lehenga made with georgette, chiffon or orchid can be a good choice for such an occasion. Today, printed lehengas and chikankari are lehengas in a trend that can be both chic and elegant to wear engagement. Inspired by many famous Bollywood chikankari lehengas, you can decorate one with pastels for your sharing post.