How to Wear Saree for Wedding Party – Saree Draping Styles for Party

A sari, sari or shari is an Indian woman’s garment. Saris can be formal, sexy, traditional, and much more, but wearing them in one style can make them boring. As a changing fashion trend, the draped style of the saree also changes. Now this generation prefers Indo-Western fusion saree looks. The old days women prefer the traditional draped style for saree. But now, in the XXI century, women like to wear a sari in a modern style, even the bride also prefers. Today we discuss how to wear sari for the wedding party in Indo-Western fusion.

Latest Saree Draping Styles for Wedding Party Occasions

Style Nivi draping style for Wedding Party

This is an evergreen draped saree style if you don’t want to be experimental. It is derived in Andhra Pradesh. The Nivi draped style is accepted worldwide. This style has characteristics of both the traditional and the modern concept. As it accentuates curves, therefore it is fashionable and fashionable.

Retro style Saree with Mumtaz draping style

This style was made famous by Mumtaz’s ’60s and’ 70s beauty queen, and is ideal for a wedding party look if you love a sexy chiffon sari with a sparkly trim.

 Saree Style for Wedding ceremonies with Jacket Style Saree draping 

Be the modern queen of the fashion world and make everyone fall in love with your stylish ethnic avatar. Pair your sari with a jacket or jacket instead of a blouse or wear a jacket or jacket over the sari.

 Butterfly Saree draping style

The butterfly drape style is perfect for those who want their bold and lively looks at wedding ceremonies. Select a pastel colored sari to rock its function. It’s in vogue at Bollywood Celebrity.

Make the fold of the pallu into a thin, butterfly-shaped column at the bottom of the pallu. Another way to do it is to fold the pallu into a single column, which goes through the torso.

Stylish Scarf wrap or knotted style Saree Draping

Instead of covering the saree pallu on a regular basis, try covering it with a different style like a scarf or knotting (see draping). Not only is this bohemian and elegant style, but the scarf wrap style will also give the illusion that this is a method to fool ourselves that this style keeps you warm during winter weddings.

Cool drape with Western Blouse in a Cotton Saree

Don’t think you can’t wear a cotton or linen sari as a night sari. A cotton or linen saree, when paired with a western top, can look amazing. Add a touch of western trend to conventional Indian dressing. Western cotton and linen saree top for wedding function is what you need to reinvent your saree style and make everyone see it at party. Here are some draping styles for you to try cotton and linen saris.

Elegant look with Dhoti and Pant style Saree at Wedding Party

If you’re one of those people who loves to try something new and fresh, you can go for the Dhoti or Pant style at the wedding. This style popularized by our Bollywood fashionista, Sonam Kapoor. Learn how to wear a dhoti saree for a wedding or party.