How To Wear Classic Blue: The Color Of The Year

It is official! One of the primary colors is back in fashion. Ladies, Classic Blue was crowned “Color of the Year 2020” by the world famous color recommendation agency Pantone.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about how to design the ocean color that is the brand of the new decade mentality “Buy less, buy better”. It’s a timeless blue shade that is deep, elegant, can be described as simple and simple, yet amazing and lively when it comes to fashion.

We offer 11 different ways to translate classic blue into your wardrobe this year.

Royal Elegance




royal blue color reminds of both substance and elegance. Take on the winter fashion game in this handcrafted 3-piece velvet suit from the Royal Noor E Chashm Collection. Celebrate the holiday season in a fabulous ensemble, reflecting all royal and modern things.

Midnight Madness


Got an upcoming official event? We have covered you with the color of the year. Classic blue exudes sophistication and grace. This elegant Lamees embroidered silk shirt, with pearl accessories and high heels makes the perfect outfit.



Classic blue is a desirable color because it has no season. The color does not go out of style all year round. Lamis Silk Collection offers this embroidered silk two-piece suit, which must have a wardrobe. The silk printed dopata on the tissues is the winner for all the invitation and dinner.

Sea Breeze


If you are looking for something stylish and comfortable to wear, silk is your answer and nothing tastier than silk in the classic blue shade. A 3-piece embroidered silk suit is your dream set. Wear it at a formal dinner and we guarantee that you’ll leave a lasting impression. Wear this gorgeous outfit from the Lamis Silk Collection.

Crafted to Perfection


This 3-piece velvet suit from the Premium Winter Collection is the talk of town. The highlight of the dress is the embroidered velvet dobota in classic blue. You can design Dupatta in a number of ways to create attractive looks this season.

Boss Girl


There will be a lot of blue around the office next year. With a monochrome look on the rise, this classic blue fabric from GulAhmed Uni Trend is something your business wardrobe wouldn’t think of. Bring out your inner boss girl in this deep, light and strong color.

Blue Carpet Ready


There are many ways to incorporate this blue color into your wardrobe this year and you don’t need to worry about color pairs because this classic blue color will actually surprise you with how to pair it with many different colors. This green 3-piece shirt is embroidered with Poshak-e-Chinar embroidered zari shawl to make it flawless.

Trend Setter


Classic blue is a very contemporary color. This kurta is from a traditional and contemporary Golestan collection. This is perfect for a girl on the go. You have meetings to chair and dinner to attend and places to be? do not worry! This elegant embroidered vegetable will make your life much easier.

Always Ready


Show the world that you know what the trends are! You are a mother, daughter, sister, friend and wife. With so many different roles to play throughout the day, you need to look your best because people are looking forward to you. This 3 piece piece of winter collection is your holy grail in 2020. Invest in yourself, invest in classic blue!

In Vogue


This outfit from the Winter Collection, away from the runway, will definitely direct your attention to your next event. This wonderful group is definitely an investment worth investing in. This outfit comes with a printed nylon velvet print and a velvet neckline and lace. Basically, to save trouble, this is a complete set in one package.

The Millennial Next Door


All the people of the millennium need to be informed of anything and everything. This is how we work! Now that we know classic blue is the color of 2020, we all need to do some shopping. If I were you, I would quickly put my hands on this elegant digital shirt from the Luxury Shaleen Collection. When you feel confused about what to wear in the next family gathering, this shirt will save your day.