How to Wear a Plain Black Kurta in Different Ways

Wearing black corta in different styles is very easy, pairing it with different bottoms will give you a different look, but have you already imagined other ways of designing it? Choose a simple black kurti design that has side cuts or say it is A line, every style should be mixed and matched well to suit the final outfit.

Regular black kurta can be worn in ways of working for an informal day, work day, evening party or festival occasion as well. Here are some ways to wear a regular black kurta to get a different outfit look.

6 Different ways to wear a Black Kurta

Here are different and different shapes of black corta Regardless of its design with Jeans or Patiala and Salwars, there are more ways in which you can get a different look with the same designs of black corta or different types.

Plain Black kurta & Waistcoat Trend

Design a plain black kurta with a bra. Choose an embroidered bra in Indian ethnic style to complement the look, or choose a plain bra in contrasting colors. This is great for working clothes looks and the other will work for picnics, parties or festivals.

Plain Black Kurta with different Bottom Pants

Wear your black kurta with any kinds of bottoms like Palazzo, Cigarette pants, leggings, any of these will give you a different look as you choose the bottom wear complementary to the style or also try on black on black for a classic look.

Dupatta with a Black Plain Kurti

You can dress up the look by choosing a silk doba in colors on the regular or embroidered black cortex, Dandata Bandani or even design the scarf with the corta. You can also go to associate a dopata with chills for a different look. Learn how to make the Dupatta layer shrug.

Black kurta as a dress – Short or Long

Nowadays, the fashion has become more sharp and exotic, wearing a simple black kurta piece as a dress. Choose to wear an Anarkali or a glowing kurta maxi dress, or choose a kurta a line to wear as the kho pop. Short kurta shirt that is worn as a short dress with a belt at the waist is elegant enough for a daytime look.

Plain Black Kurta with a Skirt

More festive touch or less boho look with adding a skirt to the straight cut black corta or the glowing black corta style with a glowing skirt underneath. This will give you an immediate festive look for a festive look. Cotton skirts will give you a daytime look.