How to style Saree For Office Wear in 5 Different Looks

Wearing saree for the workplace is a very difficult thing to do. Styling saree at the office is easy but, Carrying it well is difficult for the youth. Youth is very conscious of not showing much skin, And then it should sit under formal wear.

You should dress up to impress and put your “bossy lady” impression in front. Some valuable tips for wearing the sarees at the workplace. style saree in different way is trending nowadays.

How to style different saree with a different style for office

1. Style saree with a jacket for the office

Wearing a saree with a jacket together has been around for so long However, this style is yet in trend and will not leave sooner. Office wear this is the perfect outfit you can create a new look every day. Jackets are coming in different styles and patterns. There are a lot of chooses in the jacket. Which you can drop your saree it easily.

  1. How to drape a saree with a jacket.
  2. Take your favorite pair of jacket and saree. (I’ll prefer you to take a silt jacket, for better results.)
  3.  Don’t forget to keep your petty coat.
  4. Start wrapping your saree form the left side of your tummy, Just 2 inches away from your naval. ( if you’re a little bit fatty just 1 round)
  5. leave a pullu portion from your left backside to on your left shoulder, Make small pleats out of the rest fabric.
  6. Adjust for pleats accordingly to your choice on your shoulder it wears a jacket on it.Generally, jacket style saree was for the girls who don’t want to show a much skin form saree yet looks like a perfect in saree.

2. Drape your favorite saree with Jeans

When it comes to the jeans we all know that the jeans are a very comfortable outfit and stylish one also. These types of styles are generally for them who don’t want to wear a petticoat and don’t know how to carry saree with a petticoat. And yeah, How I forget who wants to go with the trend.

Drape saree with your denim.

  1. Take your favorite pair of denim jeans and saree.
  2. Wear it with the crop top, shirt or you can carry it on the blouse.
  3. Start pleating your saree from the left side of your waistline.
  4. Take your pullu from the left backside to on your left shoulder.
  5. Make a pullu pleats accordingly to you and tuck it with a safety pin.
  6. If you want to highlight your waist wear a belt on it.


3. Drape your saree with formal Blazers for office wear

We all know that the blazer is generally is worn in offices and some meetings. Pairing your saree with a blazer is give you most of the office look with an amazing touch of our Indian heritage. Blend it with some twist of blazer and saree to create an extraordinary look out of it.

Here are some tips on how to carry it.

  1. Take your saree ( take the flowy saree for the better results ) and matching blazer.
  2. Warp your saree as a regular style with the blouse or crop top.
  3. Make small pleats on your waistline, And make small pleats for pullu portion as well.
  4. Secure it with the safety pin.
  5. Add a blazer on your saree.
  6. To make it more clear add some belt on your waistline. (optional)



4. Style Kurti with saree to keep it simple

When it comes to the Indian wear Kurti is the first thing that comes in everyone’s mind. And it’s very easy to carry, easy to wash, easy to maintain, And most importantly we all have a huge assortment in Kurtis. We have everyday Kurti to heavy designer wear Kurti as well. wearing saree with the alien Kurti is the best option I think. Because Kurti is very comfortable yet stylish.

Drape your Kurti with saree.

  1. Take a saree and Kurti, Of your choice.
  2. Wear your Kurti as a blouse, And start draping saree on your petticoat.
  3. Start from the 1 inch away from your naval.
  4. Make small pleats on your waistline and wrap it around your waist.
  5. Wear a Kurti and keep your pullu on your left shoulder.
  6. Left your pullu length long, Leave it quite upper on your ankle portion.
  7.  Highlight your waistline with a belt. (Optional)



5. Off-shoulder saree drape style

If we are talking about off-shoulder, They are trending nowadays. Since we spend so much time in our offices. you should ensure that you pick a formal wear saree for this look. They are stylish yet comfortable for long hours. this is style is very stylish and comfortable for long hours. off-shoulder style saree in different way to create an office look.

here the tips on how to wear off-shoulder saree for your office.

  1. Pick your favorite pair of saree. ( keep it plain if you love plain).
  2. You can carry this style with a petite coat if you want or with jeans, if you want to keep it more flamboyant then go with the jeans. ( Neither you can wear jeans or petticoat it’s your choice)
  3. Pick a halter neck blouse for better results (Optional) you can wear it on a normal style blouse as well.
  4. Make a shirt portion first and then start with the upper portion.
  5. Make small pleats for an elegant look, and tuck it inside 1 inch away from your naval.
  6. Then wrap it around your left biceps to right biceps.
  7. Secure it with the help of a belt.
  8. Add some jewels on it to make it more amazing.