How to Style Cotton Saree & Linen Sarees for Party Look

Cotton and sari linen sari has been a big trend these days, and with women of all ages accepting this style of sari for work clothes, fashion phrases or party wear, the trend has helped to thrive up. The design of the cotton sarees and linen sarees for a party look is what we will see in this post today.

The new look of the curtain in cotton sari and the styles of flannel jacket also had a controlling point to make these cute categories look great for party looks. Sweaters were also a big part of the design of this casual saris for a different look. Here you will see how you can design a saree in cotton and linen with different points of style.

How to Style Linen Sarees & Cotton Sarees for Party

Saree Draping for Linen Sarees & Cotton Sarees

Here are some of the most common styles of saris wrapped for a cotton and linen saris that will work well for a festive look or different look to present a fashion statement. Watch our video below on how to wear Cotton Saree or Linen Saree in three ways.

Of course, there are more ways to bend a cotton dress and drape a linen dress, here are some other styles that you can choose to have a party look.

Type of Blouses to Choose with a Cotton Saree and linen Saree

The choice of a saree blouse is very important, and choosing a saree cotton shirt or blouse for the appearance of saree linen needs to match the whole concept of appearance. Always remember to choose a contrasting top and not the same color unless there are dark and light prints of the same family color.

There are always some options that you can use to get a saree blouse like cotton blouses printed in traditional styles from ikat, polkis, checks in the plains. The calamari blouses for modern printing of form figures on the blouses are also high in trend. Also, choose solid solid embroidered saris shirts with pretty floss in flowers or a design idea on one side or neckline.

Some styles of sari blouse are: high neck or closed neck blouse style, elbow sleeves blouse style, collar collar blouse, siss cotton bell blouse or simple neckline blouse design for sari linen. Apart from these there are some below in a high direction.


Types of Sarees to choose for a Party Look

The choice of a party saree and linen saree for the party look should be in the direction and should match the look of your saree blouse as well. If the saree blouse pattern is elegant, you can have a printed sari or a printed sari in horizontal woven or monochromatic colors heading into the linen sari. Or, go the other way around with a regular saree and amazing blouse.

The mast sari is wonderful and perfect for a festive look. Choose it with fresh colors of lime green, red or blue, or go for beige, creams or rust. Choose white or gray linen sari in regular look for a classic and clear look for the party look.

 Types of Jewellery to Style with Cotton and Linen Sarees

Keep jewelry simple but charming by adding a neck piece or earrings. You can always add bracelets or bands to get the full look. Wonderful paired pave necklaces and silver and metallic pieces. Go to jhumkas or buttons to also match your complete look.