How to Select Wedding Sherwani for Indian Grooms

Hello girls, you will soon become a wife, so this blog is for your dear husband, the wedding is a special day for all women and men, we both want your day to be remarkable, when we talk about fashion and style, but naturally we focus more in Bride, who is dressed in a beautiful outfit decorated with elegant shiny jewelry, on the other hand, the bride and groom have a limited option to select the outfit, but the groom’s outfit also has the same importance, today the bride and groom are also Mindful of your looks, but for Indian brides and grooms, prefer the traditional outfit- Sherwani, we thank Bollywood celebrities who bring a new trend in sherwani grooms with style and color, let your selection be easy.

Same Color Hues for the Grooms Sherwani and Brides Dress

Here, the groom can wear something which is of the same color as of what the bride is wearing. We can see Virushka use this theme in their marriage and color of their attire add elegance to their personality.

Impressive statement with the same Color and Different Shade or Tint

Yes, a couple can select the same color for their special day, but opt for different shades or nuances. This statement adopted our newlyweds Couple Deepveer. The groom is in emerald green Sherwani and the bride wears mint green Sari makes a visible statement.

Refreshing to see the opposite- Red with groom and Golden for Bride

Red and gold are a common combination of Indian colors and one should be bold enough to look different for your wedding. You can both wear dresses with totally different colors, but it must be one thing to remember that colors must be the exact opposite of harmonization and contrast.

Matching Elements:

Elements: Dupatta, Kalgi, Turban, Safa and without Dupatta His Sherwani is incomplete. The best way to select your Dupatta color and other items, match your partner’s dress, it is a most popular color combination between bride and groom if you want to have some color coordination. Neha dhupia and Angad Bedi adopted a style statement in their marriage that enhances their personality.

Here comes a perception in white

If your marriage is on summer day, I suggest you do it for white, its color pays you attention for the cool and calm quality, it gives you a sense of simple and smart dress. It was the same choice as Shahid Kapoor and Mira.

Feel like a King:

Chipakan-style Sherwani are frequently expelled from the Mughal period, thus giving the impression of kings and rulers. If you want to add that touch of royalty to your look, Chipkan is perfect for you

Now a days designer try to put the modern twist in traditional wear. Nowadays, a designer tries to give a modern touch to traditional clothing. New style like Jodhpuri Suit is the most popular among youth. Another option is Nehru Jacket, it is a beautiful combination of the modern-traditional concept. Not perfect for marriage day, but you can use it for any of the marriage functions like sangeet mehndi, it looks unique and elegant.New style like Jodhpuri Suit is most popular among youngster. Another option is Nehru Jacket, it is a beautiful combination of the modern-traditional concept. It is not perfect for marriage day but you can wear for any one of the marriage function like sangeet mehndi, it seems unique and stylish.