How to look stylish in Kurti| 8 ways to style

Who doesn’t want to look stylish in Kurti? After all, it is one of the trendy and comfortable outfits among all. It is reasonable for casual and formal wear and is a must-have Indian ethnic outfit in every women’s wardrobe. In summer season Indian women love to flaunt in Kurti.  Also, it gives them a light and comfy look. It is also a perfect choice for school and college-goers.

Whatever be the event or function, a Kurti or a tunic will be the sparing beauty of it. You may find numerous styles of Kurti in your closet and might be thinking about how to restyle them. Well, the choice is boundless. Today in this blog we’re going to share how to look stylish in Kurti with mix and max tips.

Watch our video tutorial on different ways to wear white Kurti

8 Different ways of styling Kurti for an everyday look 

1. Look stunning by wearing Kurti with jeans


Well jeans fit all kinds of Kurtis, whether they are long or straight. Many little girls love to wear jeans with Kurti for a fresh and elegant look. Go with any Kurti color to match your jeans. You can fold your jeans off the ankle and you’re ready to go. However, this perfect blend of Kurti with jeans design gives you a West Indian look.

  2. Style your Kurti with Shrug


Yes, you can definitely use the Kurti ignore. Enhance the modern look of your outfit. Try any simple Corti with patterned brushes to make a style statement. Any reprehensible design can go to the long or short Kurtis for an Indian fusion look. Traditions overlook many designs and patterns. Whether long or short sleeves, this outfit will not go out of fashion. So prepare to brag about any occasion with these elegant designs.


3. Kurti with Cigarette Pant style


Your Kurti design with cigarette pants give you a modern and sophisticated look. This new and elegant ball is loved by all women of all ages. Even oversize ladies can go with this style. For any festive occasion and weddings, you can go with Kurti embroidery with straight pants. Also, you can choose Dupata as per your choice. Also, wear earrings and a pendant necklace to complete the look.

4. Chunky and funky- Kurti with Shorts style


Yes, who said that Corti can’t be worn with shorts? Personally, I loved this cool and trendy dress. Young women especially love this underwear. Kurti comes in many colors and patterns, but makes sure Kurti is paired with contrast shorts. You can add a belt over the Kurti for a casual look. Wear simple sandals to complete the look. Also read how to use a salwar shirt in different ways

5. Pair Kurti with sharara pant


Sparks come in many designs and patterns. It looks like a palace that has a glowing fold of the knee. Due to its unique design, many Indian women love to have this collection. Although it improves the ethnic aspect, the Sharara and Karti group is a great choice for all women of the age group. So just pair the regular Kurti with the bottom of the badge contrast and you’re ready to go. Read more ideas on how to use the palace in different ways

6. look fabulous in Kurti with dhoti pant style


Dhoti pants always look great. Many celebrities have adopted this costume in many shows and events. By following this trend, young women love to brag about this ethnic costume. Make sure to combine a short Kurta with dhoti salwar. Plus, it looks like a stylish crest or just a knee-high crest. This fashion is more attractive to girls, especially at the summer festival. Wear beautiful sandals or heels for an elegant look.

7. Wear Kurti with denim jackets for a casual look


Who does not like denim jacket? I think all women have this outfit in their wardrobe. The denim jacket can be designed in several ways. Btw, denim jackets are quiet toward these days. They look very elegant and elegant. Combine it with a long or short Kurti and a great sneaker. The best can be seen in the white Kurti dress, the black Kurti dresses and the mustard yellow Kurti. Whether you go shopping, college or work, this gives you a great look.

8. look stylish by pairing Kurti with flare Skirt


Kurti comes in various designs and styles. Take a long, straight sweat with a wide long skirt. Ensure that the costume contrasts with each other. You can add dupata for an ethnic look. For more style, wear an asymmetric kurta with a lehenga skirt for an informal party or a cocktail party. Also, you can wear beautiful Kurti brocade with skirt for your best friend’s wedding. Wear the right type of jewelry to make it look great.