How to Dress for Work


When dressing for the office, you have to look stylish and trendy. Try to follow the dress code prepared by your staff. Here are some styles and tips to remember when dressing for work.

What to wear to the office

Jacket / Blazer

You can look cooler with soft coats. The right jacket can be well combined with dresses, skirts or pants.

Trouser and Formal Shirt

Avoid anything too narrow. Forty wide leg pants look good at work and should be paired with a matching color formal shirt.

Formal Skirt and Shirt

The skirt looks good and comfortable, but avoid the skirt above the knee length, and the same is true for work dresses that do not wear small clothes in the office. Long skirts look good at work.


Sari is a traditional Indian dress worn by every woman in India. Saree is a flexible costume that you can choose in different styles depending on where you wear it. Sari clothing should be somewhat informal for office wear, while the silk and embroidered sari will make you look gorgeous and bright, especially at office parties.


Salwar Kameez is an Indian dress worn by almost all Indian women. You can wear your own dresses like Kurtis with leggings or a simple Kameez salwar with Dupatta.

Comfort is Important

Rest is important while working, but you also need coverage, which is important for Indians. Wearing pants and blouses works, and if you choose to wear a skirt, you should be above your knees, which means that while sitting, your knees must be covered. The main part is that the clothes you wear should be clean and well ironed. Split too bad for office wear If your streak is less than 2 inches, try a scarf with it.

Colors Matter at Work

Bright and brilliant colors are not for office clothes. Choose colors like dark blue, gray, and black for pants. For shirts, they remain white, cream, or black for shirts or blouses. Bright colors go well if you are wearing a shirt or saris. A long knee-length sweater also looks good in the office.


In India, wearing accessories is a trend everywhere, be it at university or work. It will enhance your look, but don’t overdo it, wear minimal accessories to work for a professional look.