How to Dress at a Wedding to Impress Women – Mens Style Tips

Men’s style tips for an Indian wedding to win all this attention from women! Here’s how to do it safely while following fashion trends and adding an extra statement to pull most of those eyes towards you while wearing a wedding. Whether you are a summers, a wedding guest, a bride’s brother or groom, you will definitely get some benefits with these simple tips.

Men’s Style Tips in Wear for a Wedding Event

Mix and Match the Simple Rules

Design Kurtas shirts and shirts with blazers or bras for bets. Wear more Indian fusion outfits with jeans for an informal wedding, or wear it with blazer jackets or Sherwani jackets for an exotic wedding look.

 Dress Different than all the Others

Don’t wear the casual shirt and pants looking for weddings, be it on a wedding day or night. Look for new Kurtas cuts or fashion styles, folds, creases, or a printed trend for waistcoats or search for a jacket or suit coat for a clean avatar.

 Dressing for Specific Occasions

Wearing Mehendi, Sangeet or Reception clothing should be very important for men to look stylish and modern all at the same time. Look for perfect color schemes and style patterns. Watch the video above for more tips on dressing up for weddings or reception.

Solids and Blacks are always safe options

As for bridal outfits from solid materials like white kurta or pajama kurta with solid tone to monochrome, they are great when they are not very good at present looking. You can always wear West Indian black at a reception that is a universal color that makes you look bold and smart. Just remember to add a little fashion statement to your solid look. Add colored color with straps, pocket squares, pins etc.