How to Drape Saree for College and School Fresher Party or Farewell

Saree for College and School

Love with Sari for every Indian woman and girl is unjustified and forever charming. The best part about the saree is that women love different curtain styles. Every girl wants to wear a saree to a farewell party or party to show her charm and elegance. Perfect fashion designer is always famous for its sense of fashion for what you wear and when.

If you get bored with the same old curtain, you will love this. Because we’ve come up with some very different and elegant ways to bend saree to school and college parties to create new looks – and we’ll share it with you!

 Draping style for farewell party in college and school

Steps are as follow:

Step 1 – Start wrapping one side of the saree from right to left and placing it in a petticoat or skirt.

Step 2- Make a full wrap around the waist and make the folds in the middle of the waist.

Step 3- Place it in the middle of the waist, now take the top corner of the pallu from the back, wrap it around your waist and advance.

Step 4 – Keep the angle straight up to make uneven folds of this bias fold. Lay the angle of the night on your shoulder, and leave about 12 inches free to hang behind your shoulder.

Step 5 – The bottom corner of the pallu should be under your waist (see video above for a clearer understanding) and take a bracelet or metal ring around the corner to create a shoulder position. Turn and pass it again. Hold the remaining mast corner behind the blouse at the back.

 Draping Style – Pant Style Saree for College and School

If you want a very funky look, you can also choose this pant style. Yes, do not forget to wear shorts (preferably jeans or inner jeans) that contrast with the color and blouse of saree, and match either a short or a short shirt before you start to wrap.

Steps for drape a saree in pant style are as below:


Step 1 – Take the saris in any fabric first, but preferably in flowing fabric to look at the bird’s house.
Step 2 – Hold the non-pallu part of the saree and make the folds of the half of the saree slightly wider.
Step 3 – Secure the pleats with a clean and elegant safety pin.
Step 4 – After securing the pleats, fold it in the front of the waist. Be sure to open the folds on the right side, not on the left (as is the case with a normal folded crease).
Step 5 – Wrap the remaining mast around the waist for a full round up to the front folds and secure it here.
Step 6 – Finally, take the pallu end and make folds, fix it with the blouse from the left shoulder
This will give you a modern look at any event in the form of a charming saris with a pant style.