Gul Ahmed Unstitched Summer Lawn


The ideal word that describes women is fashion, regardless of the fact that no matter what age group they belong to, every girl progresses in love with stormy fashion trends all over the world. The summer season is just around the corner, and the only thing that girls feel crazy in Pakistan is the vibrant pastel fabric with attractive designs and floral embroidery to add sparkle to your overall appeal. Yes, we are not talking about other grass dresses.

As a woman, we all agree on the fact that summer fashion has succeeded in gaining the status of great business in the world of women’s fashion. On the market there is a wide range of brands and designers who use their creativity to deliver a calm and eye-catching collection at the same time.

Although each of them works well to make a woman look attractive; however, the truth is that none of them can meet the level of Gul Ahmed. Possessing the privilege of being one of the pioneers in fashionable garden design, girls always look forward to the Gul Ahmed collection in the garden.

Since summer is about sunlight and moisture, we need soft, comfortable and comfortable eye texture. So this hot season doesn’t allow hot summer to fade into fashion in you, as the Gul Ahmed Spring Summer collection has something unusual and fun to offer.



Supreme quality fabric and pestle shade, the label has a wide collection of lawn, silk, embroidered, printed, unstitched, and pret collection making your wardrobe versatile. So in this collection, we will cater to the latest collection of the brand with the motive to provide to with ample of choices regarding opting for your summer wardrobe:

Embroided Lawn dresses with exquisite Chiffon Dupata:

Gul Ahmed not only claims to be the first brand to offer brand dresses that are excellent in terms of the quality of the fabric in question but also eye-catching designs. The poster pioneered chiffon dopata, enhancing the appeal of your public dress. Since it’s the hottest trend on the market, Gul Ahmed’s designers don’t lack to provide their customers with a gorgeous flower dress with chiffon dubata.

The entire catalog is filled with some hypnotic designs for finely embroidered shirts with plain or self-printed trousers and sheer divine bodysuits in both printed and embroidered form. Moreover, pastel and white is one of the most sought after turf colors, so the brand offers many options of white and pastel dresses for you.

The story does not end here. Indeed, as Gul Ahmed has a huge target market spread across different suburbs of the country, therefore, the poster contains dress alternatives in almost all possible tones. Whether it’s light neutral shades, pistils, or vibrant and fun shades like red, orange, pink or modest shades like a hint of gold and silver, you’ll get it all in the Gul Ahmed Spring Summer collection.

Attractive floral print to the horizons and gothic that compliment the intricate embroidery on chiffon dubatas, this season’s collection will help you serve some of the major fashion goals.


Mid-Season collection:


Gul Ahmed’s collection, named MIDeason by Chantilly De Lace, is the perfect fabric to wear in the early summer. A flawless blend of 100% cotton and a modest lawn, the beauty is perfect for the spring season.

Brave designs, bold choice of colors and high quality fabric, this collection is love at first sight. Designed with stunning patterns and strong colors like black, blue, green, red and pink, it’s the perfect combination to make you the center of attraction in every gathering. Moreover, Gul Ahmed has always been consistent in making you look stylish and elegant, and this set does not differ in this regard.

Exceptional embroided silk collection:

It is now evident that Gul Ahmed is a brand that offers something to everyone? The poster contains a dress to enhance your beauty that fits almost every occasion, whether casual or formal. So when we talk about formal wear, silk is the first texture to tap our minds. Soft fabric perfectly settles on your body curves, and silk makes you look formal and elegant.

Designers at Joule; Ahmed always strives to push the fashion envelope a little bit more, every year offering something out of the box and better than the previous year. This year’s Silk Collection contains some delicious designs and embroidery for all fashion lovers.

Digital prints accompanied by beautiful embroidery, these dresses meet all your formal wear needs. Moreover, the highlight of these silk dresses is the beautiful digital print that includes amazing patterns that will make you the bright star for every occasion.

Deluxe Swiss Voile lawn dresses:

The Pakistani summer season becomes unbearable with every passing day when the hot sun appears to melt at us, especially during the day. In this case, the search for a luxurious dress for a job seems to be the worst nightmare. Thanks and appreciation to Gul Ahmed for solving these problems, this season’s collection contains Swiss Voile Grass Dresses in attractive colors and crisp embroidery to satisfy the desire to wear formal clothes. Soft, comfortable fabric will make you feel super comfortable, while light and pastel shades will soothe the eye.