Guide to Good Skin For Summer


Let’s welcome sunny days because we have no choice. What we can choose is our daily skin care routine.

Believe me, summer isn’t a friend to our skin or we felt this issue. I am sure you can read my mind. I will clarify anyway. Wet weather, hot sun and heat wave in mix. It is the perfect recipe for drying disaster.

Blackheads, brittle hair, dull complexion, tanning, open pores. The bell has rung? Yes, this is the shock most of us face at this time of year, every year!

Day-to-Night Skin Care Routine

Here is a lap to make sure that your skin problems see the “Don’t enter” mark this year as a daily skin care protein, so your skin is geared for the summer!

Truth is told, summer brings celebrations. You have bridal showers to throw, weddings to attend, and duat to host. Between them, you have birthdays, tea parties, book clubs and a food festival. Oh yes, you are on vacation as well. This means that you will take many selfies. Therefore, you need flawless complexion.

The only way to get it is by following a daily skin care routine religiously. Now, a word of caution: If you have any skin related issues, please consult a medical professional. Skin care routine is not medical advice.

Rise & Shine

Use any face wash that was gentle on your skin. I always recommend washing tea tree or mild foaming face wash during this time of year. Keep those unwanted red bumps as much as possible throughout the day.

Sunblock first. SPF 50+ to be exact! At home or abroad, your skin needs protection from harmful UV rays from the sun. The sunscreen SPF 50+ is great if you’re on the road to getting your job done. Stay inside? Simply use SPF30 lighter sunscreen for continuous protection.

Avoiding make-up may not be an option if you are working in a hustle of 9 to 6. In this case, prepare a bottle of rose water for the task of toning your skin before starting.

Rosewater needs your knowledge to be a daily participant in the skin care routine.

Go back to your makeup. Less is more. You don’t want to clog pores due to excessive sweating or leakage chemicals.

Use a BB cream to avoid using a concealer other than blurring dark circles under your eyes. A primer is as important to your skin as your base. Use a 24-karat gold serum if you are blessed with skin in which the visitor is not a regular visitor. This will result in any scar or uneven skin tone while ensuring a soft and smooth skin for infants!

Apply vitamin E balm before using lippie – and you’re good to go!

Later in the Day!

Do not give your skin the excuse that you are tired, or you will not have the right to complain later. Clean your face well after spending a tiring day at work (whether in the office or at the bazaar). My recommendation? Charcoal cleansing face wash, after using the tea tree (for oily skin) or aloe vera powder (for sensitive skin) to rinse off any dirt or build-up of oils.

For women at work (9 to 6), makeup removal is necessary. No, don’t just wash your face. You can choose one of three:

Makeup wipes
Micellar water
Cleansing solution.

If you use a cleansing lotion, be gentle on your skin and wipe the cleanser with a soft cotton pad. Then, wash your face with a face wash if it is cursed with acne-prone skin like my skin.

The next step: hula rose water! one more time. Put it all over your face to get more youthful, and if possible take a nap. Beauty helps sleep!

If you are a mother at home, disinfection is also your duty. why? You are obligated to block your pores while carrying out your tasks. Skip it out of the question, if you are determined to achieve glowing skin.

Before Bedtime

Your night time skin-care ritual before the festive summer season is as essential as your shopping list!  Please follow these steps to ensure that clear, plump skin that makes life beautiful (pun intended).

Step 1

Let’s face the dire realities (intense much?). Working in some way or the other, around the clock leaves no time on our hands for apa kay totkay. Choose wisely when you’re opting for a mask.

For oily skin: a tea tree mask can work magic on your skin within 15 minutes. Tea tree has antibacterial properties FYI so it has a built-in animosity for breakouts.

For normal or combination skin: An instant glow mask, with that traditional blend of grandma’s kitchen totkaas inclusive of mainly turmeric, Rice Powder, Ginger Extract, Orange Peel Powder and Sandalwood Powder is the perfect recipe for a healthy, younger looking skin.

For dry skin: The only “no regret” mask I can recommend is an Aloe Vera gel mask. Just apply a thick layer of Aloe over your skin. Let it dry and then wash it thoroughly.

Step 2

Use a vitamin C and E or hyaluronic acid serum. This strengthens the thirst of your skin. Do you remember those mornings grumbling about the benefits of rubbing lemon juice on your skin? Quit this. The Vitamin C Serum contains all the necessary moisture that your skin needs to maintain elasticity and youthful glow. For sensitive skin, hyaluronic acid can be an alternative.

You’re familiar with the best skincare brands: I don’t endorse any of them here, but these reliable skincare products

days can be bought online. The best part is these brands are completely local and live up to their claims!

Step 3

Sleep well! A good skin care routine needs a life-time partnership with a good lifestyle and 7-8 hours of sleep so switch off those lights, set your alarms and get your skin, Eid-Ready before it’s too late!