Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair


To have long and thick hair is a blessing from God especially when it is your wedding and you need to decide an updo for your ideal bridal look there is a long list of bridal hairstyles for long hair but which one is the best and latest? This is a very tough question to answer. ShadiBox has vowed to provide you with the best options that are not only versatile but trendy as well.

Here are the 6 most gorgeous bridal hairstyles for long hair because every bride wants to stand out as a centre of attraction for everyone at her wedding.


This simple yet elegant hairstyle is the best friend of every Bride with long hair when it comes to deciding for a hairstyle that does not take much of the time. Curls add a distinctive and well-groomed look to the bride. This hairdo will not only be the best choice for party hairstyle but you can try this for your mehndi look as well. There are varieties of hair curlers available that will curl your hair in no time.

Simple Updo and Buns

Updo and Buns are not only first choice as a bridal hairstyle for Pakistani brides but all over the world brides prefer this hairdo for their wedding day. An effortless and fine updo and buns are the best bridal long hairstyles for weddings moreover, adding accessories to these buns are now becoming trendy. So if you want a graceful hairstyle for your Barat or Valima these ones should be your top choice.


From centuries braids are giving a traditional look to every bride. This hairdo will never get old in fact now hairstylists are incorporating different accessories to give this hairstyle a beautiful look. You can add flowers, pearls, and beads just to make them more intricate and fantastic. Braids usually look best with this long hairstyle for mehndi and mayoon.

Textured Bun

If you want to bring a modern and bold touch to your hairstyle then this bridal hairstyle for long hair will influence your personality. Moreover, this updo will give a volume to your long hair. Try this Hairstyle for your wedding and flaunt like a princess by becoming center of the attraction of everyone.

Half up with Puffy crown

This hairstyle is one of the latest and trendy bridal hairstyle for long hair because this hairdo is a blend of both curls and a Puff. This hairdo is a best for your engagement.

Front Curled Bangs

Pakistani Brides have to take Dupattas which hide sometimes their hairstyle. To look good and show your hairstyle these front curled bangs are the one for you.

You can choose from one of these versatile and gorgeous long hairstyles for your bridal look. Please let us know below if you have any other queries or if you want to share some inspirations.