Gorgeous Outfits For Intimate Weddings

Are you looking for some cool and unique clothes for intimate or small weddings? Well, Rishi and Vibhuti from Delhi are the right choice for you guys. The simplicity and elegance of their collection will dazzle you and you will not be able to keep your eyes away from them. They mainly deal in chanderi anarkalis, lehengas, sare sarees, ivory silent ivory sets and wedding accessories like bags, belts, dubatas, organic masks and curtain belts.

Dr. Rishi Roy and Dr. Viputi Houndel are listed in India’s Top 30 Brands, and they worked both online and in the real world. You can DM them on instagram or visit their website which is mentioned below. We just really love their designs and really like them.

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Their brand is 5 years managed and managed by two doctors, Dr. Richie and Dr. Vibute and thanks to their hard work, dedication and creativity, they led them to achieve desirable access in the industry. They both met as a teenager in the medical school of Muzaffar Najjar, but in the end they entered this field and have been doing wonders since then.

USP – They think the brand is eye-catching but it’s free. The group brings contemporary aesthetics and constantly pushes the boundaries of luxury at affordable prices. Hint of drama, unusual cuts and sets is what makes them different from others. From accessories to clothes, you’ll find everything with them and you will never be disappointed.