Gadwal Silk Sarees


Saree is famous for its wonderful and unique border motifs in sari style. Gadwal sers is a blend or match of cotton fabric on the body and the edges contrast with the golden zary designs on it instead of the plain zari plate.

Gadwal silk saree is simply the same silk with a soft or butti body but with a fabric design that resembles the golden saree borders. These border decorations can be on anything from floral leaves to inspiring architectural motifs.

Origin of Gadwal Sarees

They are woven in Andhra Pradesh and have their motif influence from South Indian architectural designs to traditional motifs like lotus and flowers. Cotton use of yarn in body of saree and zari in border is what a gadwal saree is, and use of silk all over is known as Gadwal silk saree.

The Borders of a Gadwal Silk Saree

Saris are shiny and have their own beauty and identity for the different fabric designs on the side edges. The with of the edges can be of different sizes according to the design concepts. The base or body of the saree can also have butti fabrics or different jaal designs like a Banglori or Paithani silk saree, but the identity comes from the edge designs.

The border designs are striped, temples and coin motifs, floral motifs and jaal leaves as well. The contrasts of the saree edges are the most attractive and make these saris subtle and suitable for all kinds of occasions.

Types of Gadwal silk sarees

Most of the Gadwal silk saris combinations are in perfect contrasts like blue and orange, red and green or complementary shades like pink and yellow or orange and green. The pallu can also have beautiful floral motifs in zari and silk thread.

The base of the saree is simple with a striped look fabric with a cotton blend or just silk. Each pattern concept gives a different look to the sari. Buttis woven into shrubs or floral motifs all over the place or just a divided curtain panel with huge wales and flower leaves.

Opt for colorful cotton frames such as the body and paisley motifs on the zari edges, or the plain cotton body with stripes and coin motifs on the edges. In the gadwal silk saree, choose the silk body with sari and zari border design or the gold wale weave floral design on the edge.



Style a Gadwal Silk Saree

Saris are perfect for festivals like bidding and Diwali time, and styling them would be fine with traditional jewelry. Jhumkas, kadas and bracelets and also bad from coin design to bad long gold beads. Since the sari is from South India, the cultural style of the jewelry fits very well with the sari.


Try wearing the sari in an open pallu curtain or a suitable pleated curtain on the shoulder. You can always style your hair according to the occasion in a bun, braid or open locks like celebrities do.


You can also choose to design plain silk blouses with these saris in contrasting colors. Choose silk or brocade blouses depending on the type of gadwal pure silk saris. For other types of gadwal saree, choose contrasts such as fabric designs or motifs on the blouse if the saree is simple or vice versa.