Fashion Trends from Deepika Padukone from Cannes

From casual classic outfits to elegance in metallic and unconventional fashion prints and patterns, Deepika Padukone stole a million hearts at Cannes making Bollywood fans proud of it. Last year, she made her debut at the Cannes Film Festival, and this year she really looks like a perfect fashion icon at the French Riviera for Cannes Film Festival .

Deepika Padukone’s styles and fashion trends to keep track of her appearances in Can . That show summer feelings in bold colors whether she chooses a feather dress or matches her look. She shows us how to dress in the right styles and colors from prints to flush dresses perfect for the French Riviera and festival.

This is her most comfortable and classic look in jeans, white shirts and leather jacket. Flawlessly elegant avatar carried on the French Riviera.

Her gold hoops in her choice of dresses in the golden metallic flow dress and her sharp style of sunglasses, were simply perfect. The holiday calendar is never complete without some sparkle and here shows us the specific direction for tropical seasons!

Her selection of pastel and streamlined dresses in floral prints was simple and elegant. She kept her simple look with waves and sweet soft makeup.

We loved her stylish formal look with a perfect summer trend vibe of suit outfit in bold solid purple. She pulled off the look just smart and quirky at the same time.

Her first look at the elegant head dress from Zuhair Murad Al-Abyad stole our eyes on the appearance of the red carpet on the first day of Cannes . The trend of beach brides makes them more visible through their shouts and styles which is definitely what summer brides want to take some inspiration from.

Her choices for styles were just on the trend of a calf-length dress and tropical weather colors in stripes, and her second look in a transparent pink and black maxi dress in diagonal diamond patterns was perfect for a resort outfit group.

Her second look on Day 2 was in a light pink sequined feathers and a very cool multilayer dress and presided over a summer summer style for the funky style. Keep eye makeup to complement her dress.