Gul Ahmed Jewelled Festive Eid Collection

The festive holiday group of Gul Ahmed is very exciting

Gul Ahmed knows that we Pakistanis love to all go out and celebrate a special and festive group. The collection uses a range of formal fabrics including cotton mesh, silk chiffon, mix chiffon, silk and jacquard in an impressive array of shapes.

Goal Eid Ahmed is studded with jewelry

This rich red is simply stunning

Wear it your way

Thin pastels always work well in summer

Gul Ahmed Jeweled Fidive Eid collection is distinguished by its luxurious blend decorated with delicate embroidery and sparkling diamonds. Choose a transparent organza with gorgeous beadwork with intricate laces, shiny silk or crystal luster, and design your clothes with modern tassels and beautiful details. Every group has everything you need for the festive dress that everyone will remember.

This color is perfect for evening wear

While another festive festive

Loving the details

The collection is sold without sewing allowing you to get the perfect outfit for your holiday outfits and add some personal styles to your outfit to make it truly unique. The shot is filled with elegant inspiration with trendy bootstrap pants, elegant straight pants and cigarette-trimmed straps and tassels. In terms of length, the designers have started trying out the very long corta, but if you still like shorter lengths, look for it as this season arrives at nothing as far as the two miles are concerned.

Goal Eid Ahmed is studded with jewelry

The collection was launched this week online and in the store so you can pick up your favorite designs now – and don’t forget to beat the Ramadan rush in your tailor by delivering these clothes to it as soon as possible!