Dressiquette – Your Socks Should Match Your Pants

Strangely enough, there is a lot of debate about whether your socks should match your shoes, or whether they should match your pants. Now, before we get started, I know there’s a lot of room when it comes to choosing a pair of socks. Some men choose to shoot lights with brightly colored socks while some prefer to make a statement in socks that resemble hot dogs, while others (myself included) choose to drop their socks completely and flash those ankles all year round. We’ll get to it all in one moment.

This post is more about tradition. The “right” way to wear your socks You should find yourself in a position where hot socks are worn – which is anywhere other than a hot dog! So, after much research, and much controversy turned out, there is no simple answer! Surprise! I am happy, however, to inform you that the general consensus is that “Your Socks Should Match Your Pants”. Here’s the thing – feel free to stop reading now if you’re just looking for a quick answer.


The thinking behind this rule is very simple. All you really try to do is create a smooth transition from the edge of your pants to your shoes so that you don’t create an ugly color break when your pants swing to the public sashi! This is the basic rule and should really be applied where possible. In situations where you have sprayed and shredded Crazy Pants but failed to find a perfect sock, don’t hesitate to match your socks to your shoes.

My personal advice unless you go to an incredibly formal place (like tea with Her Majesty the Queen), I will abandon this rule together! The official event will generally ask to wear black pants and black shoes anyway, so in the end, don’t worry! If you start enforcing a match rule, you might end up looking as cute as the gray blur above!


If you are going to insist on socks, try to enjoy them! No, I do not condone sausage stockings – Grandma should not be confused with fun. As a general rule, I suggest staying away from anything new, socks, ties, neckties, pocket squares, etc.

Some fun with your socks just means not taking the above rule seriously. Let the rest of your clothes and shoes express a little bit of your personality. In my opinion, the solid color goes a lot longer in making a statement of the style at all. However, you can kill two birds with one sock by choosing something that brings more fun beyond the sock. I picked up the socks above from Paul Smith a few years ago and I still go when I decide to wear socks – which is not mostly 🙂 🙂

One last tip: if you are going to break the base, break it hard! Make sure to create enough contrast between socks and pants (or shoes) to make the selection look meaningful. If the color or tone is too close to either one, it looks like you were trying to match and failed, so I made a mistake on the side of Audacity here! Heck, always go wrong with daring when wearing clothes! A short life you know.


If you are looking to avoid sock confusion together, I would highly suggest my personal favorite, ankle … or “European sock” as I call it. Those who already follow our Instagram feed will know, I’m not shy to show a little leather around the ankles and wearing socks is often the exception that holds the base – or is it the exception to the base, I never know a difference.

There is something about this fracture that takes you from work to badass. It takes the edge and brings indifference that shows you don’t take yourself too seriously, no matter how tight your clothes are! I get a lot of things for this on Instagram … but in general it’s people who post interlocking crossbow pictures so it doesn’t bother me that much! We are not here for compatibility, right?

The secret of a good European sock is actually a good secret sock. That’s right, I’m definitely not telling you to be stock-free … I’m constantly looking for a good secret sock and I’ve found so far that a pair of thieves makes the best (don’t worry, they don’t push me to say that). You should go to a “no show” sock instead of a low-cut sock or a training sock, the lowest width of the sock will destroy the entire look. This is especially important when wearing loafers because they are usually less cut and tend to peek at the sides. When it comes to loafers, I have found that women’s stocking socks (yes, I said that, I wear women’s socks) work better, they are generally very low-cut and have a flesh color so they are almost invisible – I’ve even picked some amazing ones with a padded sole in Primark in the UK are the absolute winners!

The last tip for this European sock, do not make the mistake you made and buy the cheapest socks that you can find. As my father always says, “buy cheap buy twice.” Choose a high-quality, breathable cotton sock lined on the sole. You will also need to pick up something with a non-slip rubber lining on the heels to prevent your socks from sliding into your shoes! Trust me on this.