Different Ways to wear Half Saree like a Lehenga

Wearing Lehenga saree style has been in the trend for a long time now, but this year in trends added more glam and fusion techniques to say smart wrap skills in the sari to get a brand new look for the sari or lehenga saree.

Today we have seen many styles of lehenga saree and half saree patterns and now is the time when the mixture of both are merged, simply wear a saree like half saree with lehenga or wear a saree like lehenga.

We have done some Saree scroll lessons on Half saree patterns and we will add them too. So follow some half mast styles with the step-by-step guide below.

How to wear a Half Saree like a Lehenga Saree

Half Saree Style with a Lehenga– Style 1

The first look is this that communicates with celebrities now too. We first did a half saree protective wrap style with Lehenga on Youtube and we had a lot of people criticizing the look, but now we just saw celebrities who are also interested in this elegant look and we color it. This simply means that we have made a very handy look with half wrapping.

Half Saree Style – Saree like a Lehenga – Style 2

The other style is how to wear a Saree like a Lehenga. This is also a Half saree as you are wearing the saree like lehenga and shows two parts of it.

Wrap saree on the petticoat, by starting with the basic tuck on right to wrap once around.
Now from the right start making small pleats of 2 inches faced on left side and tuck in waist line.
Keep making pleats on the lengthwise section and tucking forward each time you pleat.
Do this until you reach the pallu and fold it and tuck inwards and tuck in right side
This completes the whole saree and you made a Lehenga out of the saree. Use a matching Dupatta to style the look lehenga a Lehenga choli.

Half Saree Style in Lehenga Choli Look – Style 3

This style is a half copy of lehenga saree, where again you only need saree to get the look and not the Lehenga.

Start turning right to left in one wrap and pause on the right side.
Take the sari and make small folds again just like the ones above.
But don’t put the folds in the back, just pause on the left side and where the Palo boundaries start,
Take the balloon from the back to the front, throw it on the right shoulder in an open style or fold it, then throw it on the right shoulder to the front.

Half Saree Lehenga Saree – Style 4

This is another version of Style 3’s Lehenga Saree, but it has a different look. This look will resemble Lehenga and Dupatta worn as a sari. This style had been around for a long time and many wore lehenga choli in this style, but here’s how to do it with just one sari.

Do the same thing as the top pattern, but stop the folds on the left and take a foot of the fabric, then fold it in a diagonal alignment and tread on the front waist that covers the folded folds.
Then the remaining sari pallu, from back to front, folded to shoulder.
Bend the front bodice over the left shoulder and secure it with a pin.

Half Saree with Lehenga – Style 5

For this style, you’ll need lehenga, choli, and Saree to compare the look of Half Saree.

Lay on lehenga and start making pleats on the Pallu section first, full and fold over the left shoulder.
Then take the folds from left to right side by precisely repelling the forehead and inserting the inner borders almost to your right side waist.
Take the other end of Sarik, which is the inner inner end and put it on the front from the left side.
Make about the pleats in the Wisdom section width for this, and push it to the center of your waist. Pull the same edge and fold it from the center to the left side waist and carefully grease it.
This will give you an inverted V-shape in front of the curtain with the curtain. Now come back where you’ll get a loop from the back.
Take the edge from the left side and make the folds. Spreading the folds step by step look at the back waist and tighten at the waist circumference.
Wear a camer belt or a waist belt chain over your sari to get the full look

Half Saree Style with Lehenga and Dupatta – Style 6

Now you can wear a half saree look with Lehenga and Dupatta, just like old times and the same way we know how to bend this, and get a triangular bend at the front. But here’s how to get it with a different look in order to have a more modern look.

You will need lehenga and dupatta in the same color, they can be made in the same fabric or you can use different fabric in flowing types like satin lehenga and georgette dobata or net.
Bending the end of the dopata, at the corner on the middle waist line, bend and secure with a safety pin. Now take the other side and bring it from left to front side to the right.
Bend the edge of the two-sided top border precisely around the waistline to the middle and use a safety pin to secure it there.
Choose the end of pallu from the Open Dupatta and make small folds. Bend it over the left shoulder and use a pin to fix it.
Now use more pins to keep the folds to stay together in a pile up to your waist level.
This is how you can wear Half Saree with Dupatta in a new style.

Half Saree style with 2 Saree pallu – Style 7

This is something we’ve come across and is working to show off a look that’s perfect for fashion photography or fashion shows, but you might want to try it if you’re comfortable. You can use sarees or even lightweight sarees.

You can use it to bend it over a lehenga as in the picture above, or suggest doing it precisely on a petticoat if lehenga or a petticoat does not appear from the steps we will explain below.
Begin to fold the first night as the normal one until the bottom of the curtain folds, then stop at the folds on the waist.
Come to pallu, make folds and fold it from back to front on the right shoulder like the Gujarati Saree or Sidhha Pallu Saree Style. Use a pin to attach it to the shoulder.
Now take the other mast and make the folds from the inner side, the folds will face to the right side. So the remaining pole on the top of the folds will come out from the right side. Put it in the middle of the waist. Use a pin to secure it here.
Take the balloon and fold from right to left. And make Palo folds. Fold it to the left hand as shown, and secure it at intervals with pins to keep buildup. You can bend the loose sari loop, if located at the back, in an elegant look at the back waist.