Designer Top 10 Blouses Design For Pattu Saree

Pattu sari also referred to kanjivaram silk sari in southern India. Many women wear Bateau Sari at a festive and wedding ceremony. You must have a saree in the women’s wardrobe set.

Nowadays, there are many contemporary ways to design your own Pato Sari style to make him look young and new, but you should not forget an elegant Pato Sari blouse that only helps lift and add an interesting dimension to your traditional look.

We have seen Sari Pato nowadays available in many beautiful styles, designs and great color combinations. But finding the perfect Bateau Saree blouse design looks awkward at times! But don’t worry, ladies! We have included the top 10 blouses designed for your inspiration in Batu Sari.

Latest Pattu Saree Designer Blouse Design

Boat neck blouse design for pattu saree

This neckline fits almost all women of all ages and is very stylish in its appeal. You can choose an embroidered elbow blouse or three-quarter sleeves and a contrasting neckline. The combination of brocade and silk is in itself very amazing which is sure to help your simplicity stand out.

Cold shoulder pattu saree blouse design

We spotted many women wearing a cool shoulder blouse with Pato Sari and the trend is still going very well and will be outraged until this year. So if you haven’t tried to pair the cold shoulder with the silk saree yet, the perfect time to try is now. Even many brides love to wear this design.

Embellished sleeves blouse design

If you don’t want to wear a heavy flowery blouse, this new style of embellishment just on the sleeves and neck will make your whole look stand out in a unique way.

 Printed blouse design for pattu saree

Printed blouse has its own charm and style. This type of printed blouse design works well for today’s job when you want subtle charm. You can go to floral prints as well as block for summer day events.

Contrast silk blouse design for pattu saree

If you are planning to wear a heavy business dress or embellishment or print it, it is best to stick to a simple contrast blouse with simple or simple embellishment to ensure that the blouse does not beat the beauty of the saree and make it stand out.

Sheer sleeves gold embroidered blouse

These blouses with transparent sleeves are extremely feminine and elegant in their appeal and are a suitable choice for Saris Batu. But the most interesting factor is its translucent sleeves that contain minimal ornate work and gorgeous borders.

You can also choose fine sequin details to make your wedding look perfect. This type of blouse style works best for summer brides.

Open back neck blouse design for pattu saree

Bateau Sari’s blouse with elbow-sleeved blouse cut out on the back neck is for those who want to make a statement with the back neck. It makes everyone head toward your back neck.

Gold buttis blouse design for pattu saree

You can choose a contrast blouse design with gold patterns in weave everywhere, increasing the look of your silk silk. Wear distinctive traditional jewelry for a simple yet sophisticated look. Fabrics like brocade are perfect when searching for gold textile blouses.

Puff sleeves Blouse Design

Certainly the puff sleeve blouse is nothing short of a statement. We’ve seen in many classic movies, where actresses wear a blouse with puff sleeves. Therefore, it is no wonder that the puffy saree blouse gives you a royal or traditional look.

High neck blouse design for a sophisticated look

If you want a chic traditional look, pairing a silky sari with high-necked blouse design is the right way to go.

For a more attractive look, equip Bateau Sari with contrast sweatshirts and choose long sleeves, so elbow sleeves are the right choice. This look can be worn by women of all ages and sizes.