Desi Wardrobe Essentials For Indian Women


Usually, women need lots of clothing items to go on a picnic that looks elegant and exquisite. But, for this, you don’t need a big bank account to meet your needs, you just have to get some basics permanently in your wardrobe.

You need a traditional suit, glowing skirts, casual outfits, like Kurtis and Salwar & Churidar costumes, all of which will help you change your style into a beautiful weekly week, just look for the opportunity you are wearing.

We’ve put together some of the basics you should always have in your wardrobe.


You can wear a kurta or kurti as formal and casual clothes. For everyday wear, use a light embroidered kurta, which can be paired with leggings, jeans, salwar, palace, or skirts.

Embroidered or decorative corta can be worn on special occasions to throw your elbow. Even the simple Corti delivers a more luxurious look when paired with the appropriate accessories.

You can have a long kurta or knee, a line or straight kurta, full or half sleeves, cotton or linen, chikankari or kashmiri kurta embroidery.

Wear built-in clothes while mixing both western and western clothes. You can match the kurta with jeans, and some basic accessories, like embroidered clutch, pumps, and some accessories even though they will show your look.


Replace those sewn snipers with a comfortable pair of panty. Chorates are very uncomfortable and very wide around the knees and tightened at the ankle, while the leg is very comfortable.

Regardless of the basic color black, brown and white, try to get different colors to suit your corta.

Salwar or Palazzo

Shiny pants can be good with any kind of kurta, you can match simple kurti with printed salwar to make it look more interesting. A salwar can be paired with a simple t-shirt, jacket, long or short shirt and they are very comfortable to wear.

Palazzo is the latest trend among young people and you can match Palazzo with any type of corta and look stylish. This is one of the most elegant and comfortable pieces that fit well with countertops, curtis, crop tops, tees etc.

Long skirt

Long skirts are trendy in India and almost every brand contains an amazing collection of long skirts. It matches well with any kind of corta or countertop and gives you the redefined Desi Swag.


Simple Saree Blouse

No matter what type of sari you wear a blouse adds to your fashion statement, so you must have a neutral blouse to wear with any type of sari. You can try different types of blouse like V neck, deep back, long sleeves, sleeveless, and make your sari look different.

The blouse can be linked in colors such as black, golden or cream with any type of night, and it will save you from the last minute shaking when you have to attend an important event.

Multicolored Dupatta

The robust embroidered robot will add simple style labs kameez or kurti salwar. There are different types of dopata that you can try, Folkari, Chandri, Bandani, Lehria or Cochin silk. You can simply pick up the outfit with the correct contrast to the dopata.

Desi Jhumkas or traditional jewelry set

Traditional jewelry will give you the right kind of shine, which you need to complete your Indian look. The charm and luster of its wearer is incomplete without matching jhumkis.

No matter how appropriate your clothes are, the right type of jewelry will add a cool look to your look and make your look traditional and cool.

Colorful Bangles

There is no dress even though it is not complete without colored accessories, but the colored straps will add charm to your race. Enhance the beauty of the dress by wearing the appropriate type of silver, golden or colored bands.

Kolhapuris or Punjabi Juttis

Punjabi Juttis or kolhapuris will make your outfit look traditional and ethnic. Matches well with your ethnic colored dress, so wear bright collaboriz or Punjabi Gutis colorful dresses and elegantly hit the street.

Bag or clutch

Once you set everything else in your clothes, the last thing is to pair the right type of bag with your clothes. You need a vibrant jhola to match your casual kurta and evening bag that fits nicely into jumpsuits or heavy suits.

Plus, you get the first series, Anarkalis and Salwar Kameez Suit, which make your wardrobe look full.